- 13 novembro, 2019

Evolving YouTube Measurement with Google Ads Data Hub

Alison Robart
Alison Robart
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships
Sam Farraj
Sam Farraj
Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

Advertisers have a lot to think about when it comes to measurement, especially in today’s ever-changing privacy landscape: How do marketers maintain visibility into the performance of their campaigns? How do they approach campaign measurement in a privacy-first way? How do advertisers accurately quantify their full online audiences?

As part of our commitment to innovation in measurement, Comscore has been partnering with Google over the past year to help build the next generation of YouTube measurement. Google’s Ads Data Hub allows marketers to understand how their advertising is performing across platforms through aggregated insights on YouTube.

Beginning next year, Google will no longer allow third-party pixels (including Comscore’s pixel) on YouTube. Instead, Comscore will use Ads Data Hub to measure YouTube ads across platforms in a privacy-safe manner. Comscore will enhance reporting on Ads Data Hub with our extensive cross-platform panels. Our partnership with Google and inclusion in Ads Data Hub ensures our clients continuity of cross-publisher measurement, especially once Google ends third-party pixel measurement on YouTube.

Comscore’s focus on privacy across all our products, including validated Campaign Essentials (vCE), is one of the reasons why we’re so proud to be moving our measurement to Ads Data Hub. When it comes to measurement on YouTube, advertisers can now take advantage of enhanced privacy controls and tagging for campaign collection. The combination of Ads Data Hub and Comscore will help our partners and clients make more informed, privacy-safe decisions, making their cross-platform advertising campaigns more valuable.

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