- 5 setembro, 2013

Mobile Shopping Trends in the UK

Mobile users in the UK, both male and female, are increasingly using their devices as shopping companions. In collaboration with MforMobile, we have produced an infographic to identify the latest UK mobile shopping trends and illustrate how this market has grown over the last year.

39% of the total UK mobile population now conducts shopping activities on their mobile phone, such as finding coupons or checking product availability, whilst 7 million actually purchase goods and services via their device – an increase of 46%. In the UK, clothing and accessories are the most popular goods purchased via mobile, with flights and hotel bookings showing the fastest growth.

Further insights into changing consumer behaviour will be presented by Hesham Al-Jehani, Product Manager Mobile, Comscore Europe at The Mobile Wallet Summit in London on the 6th - 7th November 2013. We look forward to seeing you there.

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