- 20 julho, 2016

Comscore Plan Metrix, Now with Mobile Data!

Anant Bhatia

It’s no secret that new screens and ways of accessing media continue to disrupt consumption habits and business models. This disruption has introduced new challenges for our clients and our industry, such as understanding and harnessing advanced audience targets. Advertisers want and need to do more than target their campaigns based on age and gender. In today’s hyper-targeted world, it’s now imperative that they understand certain behaviors and attitudes within that group, whether that’s identifying segments of a particular audience who own an iPhone, drink sparkling water or drive a hybrid, and then reach those consumers across different platforms.

We’ve offered tools that enable the identification of advanced audience targets for many years, but today we’re proud to announce that we’re expanding the capabilities of Plan Metrix, part of our flagship MMX solution that connects buyers’ and prospects’ attitudes and interests with their online behavior. As of today, Plan Metrix will now offer our clients the ability to understand an audience’s extended demographics and psychographics on both desktop and mobile, which has traditionally been more difficult to define. These extended audience views enable our clients to connect audience desktop activity to app visitation, resulting in better optimized and more effective media plans.

As our clients’ needs continue to evolve, we’re constantly innovating to bring new measurement solutions and currencies to market, and enhancing existing products to ensure they provide our clients with the cross-platform view that’s now required for transacting. To learn more about the enhanced Plan Metrix: contact us