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Level up and explore the gaming landscape.

2023 is set to be one of gaming’s biggest years yet. The gaming landscape is constantly changing, with new technologies and an ever-growing market which provides new opportunities for advertisers and content owners.

Join Comscore's Ian Essling and Bill Kelchner for our live webinar which dives deep into the State of Gaming in 2023.

From actionable marketing ideas to consumer behaviors across PC, mobile, and console gaming, don’t miss your chance to unlock valuable insights. Register free at the link below.

2023 State of Gaming

15 março : 15:00 - 16:00 ET
Bill Kelchner
Bill Kelchner
Sales Director, Tech, Gaming & Esports

Our annual State of Gaming webinar is the unmissable update on one of the fastest growing opportunities for brands and publishers with key insights including:

  • What genres are gamers engaging with across different platforms?
  • How do gamers feel about advertising in video games? What formats can marketers target?
  • How many gamers are watching esports, what genres are most popular, and how much does this vary by?