19 maio, 2023

State of Digital UK 2023

Ira Xhelili
Ira Xhelili
Senior Business Director
Toby Crisp
Toby Crisp
Vice President Client Insights

The "State of Digital UK 2023" report provides valuable insights into the opportunity for businesses to gain a competitive edge in the UK's digital landscape.

It unpacks the latest trends in cross-media measurement, with a focus on the growing importance of social media and how it is shaping marketing strategies and investment decisions.

Authored by Comscore’ Ira Xhelili, Senior Sales Director, and Toby Crisp, VP Client Insights, the report also addresses the key shifts in consumer behavior in 2023, particularly in light of rising inflation and the squeeze on the cost of living.

Highlights include:

  • The percentage of social media reach by age group, inclusive of web and app
  • Audience size and time spent on social media
  • UK video viewing habits
  • An overview of the rise of short-form video
  • Top content accessed across devices
  • Where consumers are shopping online

The presentation is now available for free download.

Reach out to us with any questions or to find out more about the State of Digital UK 2023.