Comscore Introduces Plan Metrix Multi-Platform

New Unified View of Desktop and Mobile Audiences Enables Analysis and Planning with Advanced Audiences that Go Beyond Age/Gender Demographics

RESTON, VA, December 14, 2017 – Comscore today introduced Plan Metrix® Multi-Platform, a major advancement in Comscore’s psychographic digital media planning tool. Plan Metrix® Multi-Platform combines consumers’ desktop and mobile behavior with detailed information about their lifestyles, interests, attitudes, demographics and behaviors. The enhanced product offering is the first milestone in a broader Comscore initiative to radically expand the availability and utility of advanced audience segments in its products.

“Age and gender demographics are a great starting point for audience analysis, but there is clearly an increasing demand for advanced audience descriptors for use in media planning and buying,” said Nick Tabbal, senior vice president of digital audience at Comscore. “Plan Metrix has always given our clients valuable intelligence about their audiences, and this newly unified view of desktop and mobile provides insight that is even better aligned with how digital media is analyzed and planned today.”

The introduction of multi-platform data further aligns Plan Metrix reporting with Comscore’s flagship digital audience product, MMX Multi-Platform. Publishers who already use multi-platform audience data to articulate the size and demographic composition of their audiences now have a parallel data set that provides deeper intelligence on the interest, lifestyles, and behaviors of these same audiences.

“With the majority of our sites’ visitors coming from mobile platforms, it is essential to have robust demographic, behavioral and psychographic metrics of our audience across all devices,” said Melissa Menda, Director, Marketing Strategy and Insights, New York Post. “Plan Metrix Multi-Platform will enable us to demonstrate a comprehensive view of our audience in its entirety to our advertising partners.”

Plan Metrix® Multi-Platform reports nearly 4,000 different attributes across a range of lifestyle interests and activities, including automotive, beauty, electronics/computers, financial, food and beverage, health, home and living, retail and apparel, sports and leisure, travel, clothes and fashion, and more.

Plan Metrix Multi-Platform in Action

To illustrate the power of the Plan Metrix Multi-Platform, Comscore analyzed data of the top 100 digital media properties. The data found that several of these properties are significantly more likely to engage “fashion influencers” – those who frequently advise others on clothes/fashion. This means that advertisers looking to target consumers specifically interested in the clothes and fashion space are likely to find success running campaigns on the below properties. attracts the highest relative engagement among fashion influencers, who spent more than three times as much time at the property than the average internet user. Visitors to Bustle Digital Group (Index of 237) and (Index of 230) spent more than two times as much time than average. While many of the top-indexing properties fit the expected profile of fashion influencers – either because they are popular among younger females or feature fashion content – others might be somewhat less obvious.

Top Indexing Properties Among Fashion Influencers* by Time Spent
Composition Index - Minutes
October 2017 U.S.
Source: Comscore Plan Metrix Multi-Platform
  Property Composition Index Minutes**
1 313
2     Bustle Digital Group 237
3 230
4     Mail Online / Daily Mail 196
5     LittleThings, Inc. 193
6     Everyday Health 187
7     Pinterest 172
8     Dotdash 169
9     NYPost Network 162
10     Conde Nast Digital 159

*Fashion Influencers defined as those indicating they “frequently advise others on clothes/fashion,” which represented 15% of the digital population.

**Composition Index – Total Minutes = % of Minutes for Target Audience / % of Minutes for Average Internet User x 100. Index of 100 indicates average representation.

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