Proximic by Comscore Announces 5,000 Advertiser Milestone for ID-free Predictive Audience Solution

New Partnerships with Adobe, Publica and Teads Enable Future-Proofed Targeting Across CTV and Digital

New York, NY - June 13, 2023 - Proximic by Comscore, a leading provider of audience and content targeting solutions for programmatic activation, today announced new and expanded integrations with Adobe, Publica and Teads, helping to extend the reach of their industry-leading Predictive Audience segments, which are now serving more than 5,000 advertiser clients.

The strong adoption of Predictive Audiences proves advertisers are not waiting for the sunsetting of cookies to optimize their programmatic advertising plans. With advanced contextual technologies powering audience targeting, advertisers can now access segments such as Proximic by Comscore’s ID-free segments that provide the scale and privacy-compliance that many deterministic and ID-based data sets lack.

“Having access to future-proofed, signal loss resilient targeting tactics like Proximic by Comscore’s Predictive Audiences is critical to build a sustainable strategy today that will continue to deliver business outcomes.” said Alex Reeder, VP of Data Innovation and Research, Havas Media. ”If we can achieve superior performance without the use of IDs, it’s a win-win.”

These new and expanded partnerships provide access to Proximic by Comscore’s ID-free segments including Predictive Audiences, Proximic demographics and keyword targeting in even more places where digital media is bought and sold. With over 5,000 advertising clients relying on Proximic by Comscore’s Predictive Audiences, the company’s targeting solutions provide a path forward for programmatic campaigns amidst broader industry signal losses.

"We’re already seeing such strong adoption of Predictive Audiences because the product is delivering," said Rachel Gantz, Managing Director of Proximic by Comscore. “Proximic by Comscore’s Predictive Audiences are outperforming legacy data sets and giving brands the incrementality they need for growth. These new partnerships allow us to continue expanding reach for advertisers no matter which programmatic platform they choose to use.”

For media buyers looking to leverage Proximic by Comscore’s segments, the integration with Teads introduces ID-less CTV targeting capabilities. By utilizing Proximic's Predictive Audiences and ID-free demographic segments, media buyers can efficiently target their ideal consumers on CTV platforms, ensuring relevant and effective ads are delivered to the biggest screen in a consumer’s home.

Recognizing the importance of supporting media sellers, Proximic by Comscore has established a new partnership with CTV ad server Publica. This collaboration enables Proximic by Comscore’s Predictive Audience data to be seamlessly integrated into Publica's CTV ad server, streamlining the process for publishers looking to access ID-free audience data at scale to enhance monetization of their inventory.

Additionally, Proximic by Comscore has extended its integrations with leading demand side platform Adobe Advertising. These integrations enable media buyers to access Proximic by Comscore’s Predictive Audiences directly via Adobe’s suite of targeting solutions.

As a dedicated programmatic targeting division of Comscore, Proximic by Comscore is committed to driving innovation and efficiency in the programmatic industry. Proximic by Comscore's scalable and privacy-compliant targeting segments allow marketers to effectively reach target consumers while adhering to all privacy regulations. Furthermore, Proximic by Comscore allows media sellers to optimize their inventory packaging and monetization strategies in a privacy-compliant manner.

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Kai Heslop
KCSA Strategic Communications for Comscore, Inc.