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Blog Feb. 5, 2016 | Share

Warc Webinar: 5 Digital Marketing Lessons from comScore

This past week I had the pleasure of presenting on a webinar for WARC (the U.K. based “World Advertising Research Center”) on the topic of “Lessons Learned in a Digital Marketing World”. I discussed several of the fundamental lessons that we’ve learned at comScore over the years about digital marketing effectiveness and the metrics that matter. Read more

Blog Jul. 13, 2011 | Share

Last Exposure's Last Breath? Smart Lift Attribution Model Gives Ads The Branding Credit They Deserve!

comScore today announced its latest innovation in ad effectiveness measurement with the introduction of the Smart Lift Attribution Model™. This new methodology, currently being applied to AdEffx Brand Survey Lift™ studies in the United States, overcomes the issue of ‘last exposure’ bias, allowing for the proper allocation of display ad campaign... Read more

Blog Dec. 7, 2010 | Share

Who Will Rid Us of this Meddlesome Click?

As I write this blog post about the continued but inappropriate use of the click for evaluating the effectiveness of display ads, I’m reminded of Henry II’s famous quote when he obtusely referred to Thomas Beckett, the Archbishop of Canterbury: “Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” Back in 1170, some Knights in armor were only too happy... Read more

Blog Apr. 9, 2010 | Share

Four Times Zero Is Still Zero

I recently moderated a panel at OMMA Global San Francisco titled "Will Online Advertising Ever Deliver on the Promise of Precision?" The panel discussion focused on the growing use of data in identifying and buying targeted audiences. The session was prompted by a post on Metrics Insider authored by Michael Andrew, Director of Search and Analytics... Read more

Blog Jul. 30, 2009 | Share

How To Get Brand Advertisers To Spend More On The Web

It’s high time our industry provide large branding advertisers with metrics that prove that the web offers just as much—if not more—ROI as traditional media. That’s the best way to convince them that it’s OK to shift large portions of their ad spending to the internet. Read more

Blog Jul. 24, 2009 | Share

There's Something Happening Here... And What It Is Is Becoming Clearer

I’ve been involved in measuring advertising effectiveness for much of my 40 year market research career, most often using behavioral metrics such as sales to gauge advertising’s ROI. During this time, I’ve become a big believer in the importance of reach and frequency (R/F) metrics. To me, they’re crucial in assembling a compelling media plan... Read more

Blog Apr. 2, 2009 | Share

How About Citing Some Valid and Relevant Research About the Effectiveness of Online Advertising in this Debate

A debate about the prospects of online advertising has been raging at TechCrunch following a guest post by Wharton Professor Eric Clemons titled “Why Advertising Is Failing on the Internet.” Read more

Press Release Nov. 17, 2008 | Share

Whither the Click? comScore Brand Metrix Norms Prove “View-Thru” Value of Online Advertising

RESTON, VA, November 17, 2008 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR) today announced the availability of its comScore Brand Metrix norms database, compiled from nearly 200 brand impact studies conducted across a range of industries and online ad campaigns. comScore Brand Metrix is a breakthrough service for measuring the effectiveness of online advertising... Read more

Blog May. 28, 2008 | Share

Click-Through Rates for Universal Search

In previous posts, I looked at the emergence of universal search as well as the types of universal search results. Now let’s take a look at how consumers interact with the universal search results page and how they click. Read more

Blog Feb. 29, 2008 | Share

Why Google's surprising paid click data are less surprising

Earlier this week, comScore released its January 2008 qSearch paid click report, which showed a 7% sequential decline vs. December ‘07, and a flat annual growth in paid clicks for Google. Moreover, the number of paid clicks per Google search query declined by 8% from December to January, suggesting that consumers are clicking less on search ads, possibly... Read more