Digital Analytix®


Enhance your browser level analysis by gaining new insights with demographic attributes. The Audience Module for Digital Analytix enriches your browser level data with age ranges and gender attributes to gain a deeper understanding of your users.

Digital Analytix partners with third party cookies networks to enrich your browser level data with key demographic attributes. These demographics can be reported at various levels of granularity to enable profiling within detailed segments of a client’s dataset.

comScore’s data partners append demographic information to the cookies that have visited each property. The accuracy of the cookie information from these providers has been assessed by matching these cookies to those from comScore’s known panel, and comparing demographic attributes. 

The ability to validate third party cookies against the comScore panel provides an unsurpassed capability to ensure the most accurate demographic reporting.

The options to enhance your analysis extend to our more advanced analytical functions such as segmentation and Report Builder.  Digital Analytix gives you the ability to use these demographic dimensions with your routine and ad-hoc analysis.

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