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Data Gem Nov. 7, 2013 | Share

Asia-Pacific: One Region, Many Audiences

Demographic composition of online audience across markets in Asia Pacific

The centre of the online universe now lies in Asia-Pacific, more than 40% of the worldwide internet audience is now based in Asia-Pacific. The sheer size of this market makes it worth every marketer’s time to know this audience better. However the biggest challenge lies in the diversity. Lesen Sie mehr

Data Gem Jun. 11, 2013 | Share

Asia Pacific Has Largest Daily Online Gaming Audience

Worldwide, nearly 671 million people played an online game using a desktop PC or laptop in April 2013, with 145 million gamers playing on a daily basis. The number of daily gamers differs across the continents with an average of 47.9 million internet users in Asia Pacific accessing an online gaming site daily, followed by Europe with 45.6 million daily... Lesen Sie mehr

Data Gem Aug. 15, 2012 | Share

Top Video Destinations in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines

Around the world, online video viewing has grown to become an integral part of the online experience. The launch of comScore Video Metrix in Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines today brings comScore's industry-leading online video measurement service to 12 markets in the Asia Pacific region and 25 individual markets worldwide. Lesen Sie mehr

Data Gem Jan. 27, 2011 | Share

Email Behavior Shifts in Asia Pacific

comScore recently published a blog post on consumers' changing email behaviors in the Asia Pacific region. Total minutes spent on web-based email throughout the region declined 10% in November 2010 versus November 2009. Lesen Sie mehr