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Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising: From Direct Response to Branding

Lessons Learned in Digital Advertising: From Direct Response to Branding

What’s past is prologue, and as digital advertising continues to grow in sophistication there’s a lot we can learn from its evolution. From click-through rates and cookie deletion to sales lift, in-target delivery, viewability and cross media measurement, Jacques Tchenio, VP Sales in France, has highlighted key learnings comScore has uncovered in... Lesen Sie mehr

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Pulling the Pieces Together: Data in a Multi-Platform, Multi-Device World

Pulling the Pieces Together Data in a Multi-Platform Multi-Device World

It’s fight or flight in the brave new digital world. Users are accessing Internet content from an increasingly diverse set of devices. The PC is no longer the norm de rigueur as consumers now have choices between PCs, tablets, smartphones, and even gaming consoles and smart TVs. Businesses have had to build mobile apps, mobile websites and responsive... Lesen Sie mehr

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Sweden Top 20 October 2014

Sweden Top 20 October 2014

Nearly 10 billion pages were viewed by Sweden’s 6.5 million online users in October 2014 – never in H2 2014 did Swedish users browse more content. While Google (5.8 million Unique Visitors) and Microsoft (5.2 million) maintained their top positions in the Top 20, Schibsted Media Group claimed #3 position from Bonnier Group due to a 3% Month-on-Month... Lesen Sie mehr

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Finland Top 20 October 2014

Finland Top 20 July 2014

In October 2014, Finland’s 3.6 million online users spent over 4.5 billion minutes (a 10% increase in comparison to September) surfing the web via their PCs or laptops. While all of the Top 10 Online Properties maintained their positions in the ranking, Yleisradio Oy saw by far the biggest increase in Unique Visitors (+9% MoM). Independent media network... Lesen Sie mehr

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Lessons Learned im Online-Werbemarkt

Während sich die Werbung seit dem Aufkommen neuer digitaler Technologien enorm weiterentwickelt hat, ist ihre zentrale Zielsetzung stets dieselbe geblieben: Gefühle und Emotionen, Wahrnehmungen und Handlungen auszulösen, die letztlich den Umsatz steigern und den Konsumenten an die Marke binden. Wege zu finden, dies auf die effizienteste Art und Weise... Lesen Sie mehr

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Frankreich vs. Deutschland: Multi-Plattform-Nutzung im direkten Vergleich

Ergebnisse aus MMX® Multi-Platform zeigen, dass Multi-Plattform-Nutzer in beiden Ländern inzwischen die Mehrheit der Online-Nutzer ausmachen – allerdings in unterschiedlichem Maße. So verwendet ein größerer Teil der Online-Bevölkerung in Deutschland (59%) sowohl PC als auch mobile Endgeräte für den Internet-Zugang als in Frankreich (51%).... Lesen Sie mehr

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Video Consumption & Measurement in a Multi-Platform, Multi-Device World

Video Consumption and Measurement in a Multi-Platform Multi-Device World

The growth of public Wi-Fi and higher speed mobile Internet, as well as a wider range of streaming devices, has led to an explosion of opportunities for consumers to enjoy video content. Providers and advertisers need a means of operating in this fragmented environment. The ability to recognise audiences on whatever platform they choose to engage with... Lesen Sie mehr

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Consumer Purchase Patterns in Online Travel: Decisions In A Multi-Platform World

LAC Travel Payments Day

Travel is experiencing the shift towards mobile in the United States. This presentation looks at how smartphones and tablets impact travel from servicing to purchasing, and what that may hold for Latin America in the future. Lesen Sie mehr

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comScore Reports $17.5 Billion in Desktop E-Commerce Spending in First 23 Days of November to Kick Off 2014 U.S. Holiday Season

comScore (NASDAQ : SCOR) today reported holiday season retail e-commerce spending for the first 23 days of the November-December 2014 holiday season. For the holiday season-to-date, $17.5 billion has been spent online using desktop computers, marking a 11-percent increase versus the corresponding days last year. Friday, November 21 has been the heaviest... Lesen Sie mehr

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comScore Releases October 2014 U.S. Desktop Online Video Rankings

comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released data from the comScore Video Metrix® service showing that 191.5 million Americans watched online content videos via desktop computer in October 2014. Google Sites ranked as the top video content property, AOL, Inc. was the top video ad property, and Disney/Maker... Lesen Sie mehr