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While the moviegoing experience remains a hallmark of our culture, a multitude of devices are changing how individuals access entertainment and watch movies. Listen in to stay on top of the big picture in the film and entertainment industries.

In “Many Screens, Big Picture,” Comscore Sr. Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian talks with the industry’s leading experts to discuss key trends and things to watch for in the landscape of film and entertainment.

Traversing the Film Industry with Booze Traveler’s Jack Maxwell

Guest speaker: Jack Maxwell: professional actor and adventurer as well as the host of Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Jack Maxwell, a professional actor, adventurer, and host of Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel. Maxwell takes us through the process of getting both Booze Traveler and his acting career off the ground, plus the lessons he’s learned about the industry along the way. Then stick around for the bonus round where Maxwell reveals his favorite films and what makes a movie so great!

This episode covers:

  • Jack’s secret to mixing culture and booze
  • The creation of Booze Traveler
  • How Jack got his start in acting and the hard lessons he learned
  • The problem with getting political
  • Jack’s cancer battle
  • Jack Maxwell’s favorite films

Spend Some Time with The Great Katzby, Brandon Katz

Guest speaker: Brandon Katz: Senior Entertainment Reporter for Observer covering the film and television industry.

This week host Paul Dergarabedian speaks with Brandon Katz, Senior Entertainment Reporter for Observer covering the film and television industry. In his role, he tracks the latest trending news, major moves by Hollywood’s power players, and everything from blockbuster cinema and prestige Oscar bait to the streaming wars and exclusive scoops. Hear how Brandon has made a career for himself as a “proud couch potato” then stick around for the bonus round where Brandon reveals his favorite films and his definition of a perfect movie!

This episode covers:

  • The beginning of Brandon’s passion for film and entertainment
  • Building his network and resume to break into the industry
  • The future of movies in America
  • The rise of the drive-in
  • Paul and Brandon’s favorite films


Falling for Film with Sarah Whitten

Guest speaker: Sarah Whitten: writer and entertainment reporter for CNBC covering entertainment, film, television, music, toys, and theme parks.

In the first episode Many Screens, Big Picture Paul speaks with CNBC Entertainment Reporter Sarah Whitten about the current state of the entertainment industry and where we go from here. Plus, some insight into finding a job in the industry and whether a degree or practical experience is more helpful. Then stick around for some bonus questions where Sarah reveals her love for D&D, how her cat made an impression on Russell Crowe, and her favorite film of all time! 

This episode covers:

  • The struggle of finding a job in entertainment
  • College degrees vs practical experience
  • Falling in love with the films
  • How the pandemic broke the entertainment industry’s cycle
  • Box office recovery predictions


Enter the magical, musical world of entertainment with Adam Weissler

Guest speaker: Adam Weissler, Emmy Award-winning producer, writer, talent booker and music correspondent

On this edition, Adam talks to Paul about what it’s like to be a award winning producer, talent booker and how his innate love of music has influenced and informed his amazing career in broadcast journalism.

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@adamextra on Twitter
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Christy Lemire on the fabled life of a film critic

Guest speaker: Christy Lemire, Film Critic

Christy Lemire is a longtime film critic whose work appears at She co-hosts the podcast Breakfast All Day, appears on radio on KPCC FilmWeek and KCRW Press Play in Southern California and is a correspondent for "The SoCal Scene" on Spectrum News 1.

Paul and Christy delve into her circuitous path to becoming a film critic, the importance of great career mentors, the brilliance of Roger Ebert & how beer with Chris Evans, Tequila with Johnny Knoxville & tea with Charlie Hunnam are just another day on the job.

 Twitter: @christylemire

Everybody Loves Carl Gilliard!

Guest speaker: Carl Gilliard, Thespian, Writer, Director & Producer extraordinaire

Longtime friends Carl & Paul discuss Carl’s amazing career journey from his early days discovering the brilliance of Jack Lemmon on the big screen to his love of the Matt Helm films, his “Inception” as the go-to guy in movie trailers, his latest web-series “Two Degrees” and how being a bass player informs his creativity.  
Two Degrees 

It’s “Movie Night” with Max Friend

Guest speaker: Max Friend, Founder of Filmbot, a modern website and ticketing point-of-sale platform for independent cinemas.

Paul and Max discuss Filmbot’s recently launched Movie Night online platform that hosts one-night-only screenings of new exciting films, where movie fans can choose which theater they want to receive the proceeds of their purchase, make a donation, and ask questions during a filmmaker Q&A following each screening.  

Getting to Know “Movie Mantz” Scott Mantz

Guest speaker: Scott Mantz, correspondent, film critic and 5-time Emmy-nominated producer

On this episode, Paul asks Scott Mantz “Movie Mantz” about the ins and outs of being a movie critic, his “Star Trek” inspired career path, interviewing David Crosby & Cameron Crowe, his well-known love of the movie “La La Land” and why he may very well be the most passionate movie fan in the business.

The State of the Movie Theater in the Age of COVID-19 with John Fithian

Guest speaker: John Fithian - President & CEO, NATO

John and Paul discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the movie theater industry, filmmaker support for the big screen experience and what the future holds for cinemas around the globe and why 2021 could be the biggest year ever at the box office.

Inside the Exciting World of Film Distribution with Chris Aronson

Guest speaker: Chris Aronson - President of Domestic Distribution for Paramount Pictures

Paul & Chris discuss Chris’ career journey, we learn the intricacies of buying and booking film back in the days when Chris had to haul around massive film cans in the trunk of his Datsun B-210, his role in the creation of Rentrak Theatrical, his top CinemaCon moments and finally, Mr. Aronson gives us his pick for the best Martini spot on the planet.

A Look at Independent Filmmaking with David DuBos

Guest speaker: David DuBos, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Screenwriter

David DuBos is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter living and working in New Orleans.  David and Paul riff on the realities of the independent film world, the ups and downs of pursuing passion projects and reveal how David’s favorite director has influenced the naming of his favorite canine.

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