Comscore Advanced Audience Reporting Validates Display & Video Campaign Delivery for a Global Automaker

Matthew Wiesemann
Matthew Wiesemann
Senior Manager, Marketing
CCR Advanced Audience reporting allows advertisers to identify key network partners reaching their custom audience segments.

In addition to validating delivery across all screens, CCR Advanced Audience measurement allows advertisers to measure cohorts beyond traditional demographics. Leverage Proximic by Comscore's cutting-edge ID-free predictive audience segments to measure the exact cohort you activated on, and determine how effective your targeting is and which publishers are delivering the highest value in reaching the unique audiences you care about.

The Scenario

A Global automaker seeks to identify the publisher partners providing the most reach to a unique psychographic audience segment to increase spend on networks where those audiences are consuming content and boost overall campaign ROI.

The Solution

Number 1

Step 1

Target using Proximic by Comscore’s audiences to maximize reach and solve signal loss.

Number 2

Step 2

Measure person-level reach to these key psychographic audience targets by publisher.

Number 3

Step 3

Optimize the campaign by focusing spend on partners that excel at reaching crucial audience segments.

The Results

The client was able to identify specific publisher partners that reached key advanced audience segments and increased spend on those networks for the second portion of the flight to optimize target reach.

Inventory served to Network 1 reached over 40% of the primary advanced audience target where other publishers fell short.

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