Many Screens, Big Picture with Paul Dergarabedian

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Senior Media Analyst

While the moviegoing experience remains a hallmark of our culture, a multitude of devices are changing how individuals access entertainment and watch movies. Listen in to stay on top of the big picture in the film and entertainment industries.

In “Many Screens, Big Picture,” Comscore Sr. Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian talks with the industry’s leading experts to discuss key trends and things to watch for in the landscape of film and entertainment.

Film’s Endless Summer with Erik Davis

Guest speaker: Erik Davis

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Erik Davis, the Managing Editor for Fandango and one of the nation's leading movie commentators. Listen as Erik shares how social media has changed online movie commentary and how those changes affect writers and commentators like himself. Then stick around as Erik and Paul discuss the film industry’s “endless summer” including the top 5 most anticipated movies of the summer!

This episode covers:

  • How social media has changed and shaped the movie commentary space
  • What makes this Memorial Day Weekend the most pivotal in a long time
  • Why people are saying the film industry is entering an “endless summer”
  • The most underappreciated aspect of seeing movies in theaters
  • The top 5 most anticipated movies of the summer

Critiquing Cinema with Pete Hammond

Guest speaker: Pete Hammond

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Pete Hammond, a renowned film critic and cinema expert, who is currently the Chief Film Critic for Deadline Hollywood and has served as Deadline’s Awards Editor and Columnist for the past 10 years. Listen as Pete shares how the film industry has changed since the beginning of the pandemic and how some of those changes have benefited the industry. Then stick around as Pete and Paul discuss what theaters and the industry as a whole can do to draw audiences in as more theaters begin to open up.

This episode covers:

  • Memorial Day Weekend box office hopes and predictions
  • Why the movie theater experience is sacred
  • How the film industry has benefited from the pandemic
  • What the industry needs to do to draw audiences to theaters
  • How Pete keeps his cool when interviewing the biggest names in the business

Reviving Vidiots with Maggie Mackay and Claudia Puig

Guest speaker: Maggie Mackay and Claudia Puig

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Maggie Mackay and Claudia Puig who are the Executive Director and Board Member respectively of Vidiots, the iconic L.A. video store, which is relaunching as an expanded entertainment, social, and community space in Eagle Rock, CA. Listen as Maggie and Claudia share their vision for the new theater and how they hope to expand upon the typical movie theater experience. Then stick around to find out when you can expect to visit and how you can help make this dream a reality!

This episode covers:

  • The relaunched and reimagined Vidiots
  • Expanding the movie theater and video store experiences for film lovers
  • The importance of focusing on minority voices in film
  • The history of the Eagle Theatre and why it’s the perfect location
  • How community efforts have made this possible and how you can help

Acting the Part with Matthew Jones

Guest speaker: Matthew Jones

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Matthew Jones, a Chicago-born and trained actor who has appeared in more than 60 different television shows and motion pictures. Listen as Matthew shares how he successfully left his career in marketing for acting and some of the on-set adventures he’s had during his time in front of the camera. Then stick around as Matthew and Paul discuss the importance of networking to consistently book jobs and how that has led to working on Jimmy Kimmel Live! regularly.

This episode covers:

  • Transitioning from a career in marketing to acting
  • On-set adventures
  • Shooting a modern-day soap opera
  • Making your mark in the industry with guest star/co-star roles
  • How auditioning has changed and what Matthew predicts for future auditions
  • Working on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • The importance of networking to work consistently as an actor

The New Theatrical Experience with Jason Brenek

Guest speaker: Jason Brenek

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Jason Brenek, the Founder and CEO of MetaMedia, an entertainment technology company that creates next-generation technologies and new revenue-generating opportunities for content producers and cinemas. Listen as Jason shares how consumers’ content and movie viewing preferences are changing and how theaters can successfully adapt. Then stick around as Jason and Paul discuss new theatrical experiences that could be coming soon to a theater near you!

This episode covers:

  • Consumers’ changing tastes in content and the movie viewing experience
  • How the film industry can benefit from pandemic-related challenges
  • Creating a new theatrical experience beyond movies
  • Why movie theaters will always draw consumers

An Actor’s Journey with Phil Donlon

Guest speaker: Phil Donlon

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Phil Donlon, an actor/director/writer who is currently filming Starz’s Power Book IV: Force in which he portrays the recurring role of “Simon McDougal.” Listen as Phil shares his experience as a working actor and how he adapts between stage and screen roles. Then stick around as Phil and Paul look back at some of Phil’s past roles and discuss how he transformed himself physically and emotionally for them.

This episode covers:

  • The difference between acting for stage and screen
  • When and how to make narration work in scripts
  • The importance of having mentors when doing creative work
  • The toll of physical and emotional transformation for roles
  • How Phil’s athletic past shaped his acting style
  • The experience of seeing a film you’re in for the first time

Release the Snyder Cut with Sean O’Connell

Guest speaker: Sean O’Connell

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Sean O’Connell, the Managing Editor of CinemaBlend and author of Release the Snyder Cut. Listen as Sean shares his take on the Snyder Cut and what inspired him to write a book about it. Then stick around as Sean and Paul discuss how the Snyder Cut has and will continue to impact and influence the film industry.

This episode covers:

  • How the Snyder Cut has benefited from the current state of film releases
  • If and when you can see Snyder Cut in theaters
  • The growing “restore the Snyder-verse” movement
  • The impact of the Snyder Cut on the film industry
  • Breaking down the Synder Cut saga in Release the Snyder Cut

Eric Tabak’s True Hollywood Story

Guest speaker: Eric Tabak

This week Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Eric Tabak who has over 30 years of expertise and knowledge in the cinema and motion picture industry! Listen as Eric shares how he turned his dream of being an actor into a film career that has spanned across various fields in the industry. Then stick around as Eric and Paul share their predictions for the future of the movie theater experience!

This episode covers:

  • Celebrity sightings while working at the iconic AMC Century City
  • How working at a movie theater fostered his love for film and the theater experience
  • Working at DreamWorks
  • Moving from the studio side of the business to the vendor and marketing side
  • The future of the theater experience

A Window of Opportunity for Film with Shawn Robbins

Guest speaker: Shawn Robbins

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Shawn Robbins, the Chief Analyst at Boxoffice PRO with over 15 years of experience in the film industry, as they discuss how theatrical windows are changing and what the future of film release strategies look like. Then stick around as Shawn and Paul share their predictions for the 2021 summer movie season!

This episode covers:

  • What are theatrical windows?
  • Why do these windows exist?
  • What are the strategies behind the various theatrical window models?
  • Will there be a summer movie season in 2021?
  • Can the theatrical experience ever be replaced?

The State of Theatrical Releases with Universal Pictures’ Jim Orr

Guest speaker: Jim Orr

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Jim Orr, the President of Domestic Theatrical Distribution for Universal Pictures, who has been at the forefront of film release innovation during the pandemic. Listen as Paul and Jim discuss the reopening of theaters across the country and what that means for the film industry. Then stick around as Jim shares what he thinks the state of theatrical releases will look like in the year to come.

This episode covers:

  • The present complications of releasing movies
  • Why marketing is vital for current releases
  • How the film industry has proven to be adaptable
  • Will film releases ever return to “normal”?
  • The effects of the summer drive-in theater boom
  • Why some films have been released while others continue to be postponed

Creating Inclusive Cinema with Claudia Puig

Guest speaker: Claudia Puig

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Claudia Puig, the president of the Los Angeles Film Critics Association and a longtime critic on NPR’s Film Week who was recently featured in the Los Angeles Times as one of the 14 film critics making media more inclusive. Listen as Paul and Claudia discuss the state of film festivals and their importance within the film industry. Then stick around as Claudia shares the benefits of diversity initiatives and why diversity in the film industry matters.

This episode covers:

  • How the pandemic has impacted film festivals
  • The value of a virtual Q&A
  • Why the film industry needs festivals
  • The benefits of diversity initiatives
  • Why diversity in the film industry matters

Top 10 Movie Franchises with Sarah Whitten (Part 2)

Guest speaker: Sarah Whitten

Paul is joined once again by Sarah Whitten, an Entertainment Reporter for CNBC, to discuss the top 10 movie franchises of all time based on Comscore’s Global Movie Data. In part 2 of this episode, Paul and Sarah wrap up the countdown with the top 5 movie franchises that have grossed the most money worldwide, including films about a spy, some superheroes, wizards, and more! Listen to see if your favorite franchise made the list and hear how much the highest-grossing franchise on the list has made (so far)!

This episode covers:

  • Counting down the top 5 movie franchises
  • Are the same cast of actors necessary for defining a franchise?
  • The role that fandom plays in successful franchises
  • The mind-blowing box office numbers for the #1 movie franchise
  • Franchises that didn’t quite make the cut

Top 10 Movie Franchises with Sarah Whitten (Part 1)

Guest speaker: Sarah Whitten

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined again by Sarah Whitten, an Entertainment Reporter for CNBC, to discuss the top 10 movie franchises of all time based on Comscore’s Global Movie Data! In part 1 of this 2 part episode, Paul and Sarah begin the count down from the tenth to the sixth top movie franchises that have grossed the most money worldwide, discussing and defining what exactly counts as a movie franchise along the way. Listen and see if your favorite franchise made the list, then come back next week for part 2 where we reveal the top 5 movie franchises of all time!

This episode covers:

  • Counting down from 10 to 6 of the top movie franchises
  • How to define a movie franchise
  • The difference between international and worldwide movie statistics
  • Do spinoffs belong in franchises?

The Fan-Fueled Snyder Cut with Brandon Katz

Guest speaker: Brandon Katz

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined again by Brandon Katz, Senior Entertainment Reporter for Observer covering the film and television industry, this time discussing the much-anticipated release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, often referred to as the “Snyder Cut.” Listen as Brandon explains how fan pressure led to the release of the Snyder Cut and what hurdles it must overcome to succeed. Then stick around as Paul and Brandon analyze how the rules of movie releases are changing as more studios opt for both streaming and theater premieres over the traditional theatrical release.

This episode covers:

  • The backstory of the Snyder Cut
  • Why Justice League is considered one of the most controversial modern era DCEU films
  • The power and influence of fandom
  • How the Snyder Cut went from being a mini-series to a 4-hour film
  • What a successful Snyder Cut could mean for the future of DC films
  • The changing landscape of movie releases in the streaming era

Getting Back to the Beatles with Scott Mantz

Guest speaker: Scott “Movie” Mantz

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Scott “Movie” Mantz, a longtime host, correspondent, film critic, 5-time Emmy-nominated producer, and Beatles history buff, to discuss the upcoming Peter Jackson Beatles documentary, The Beatles: Get Back. Join Scott as he gives a brief history of the Beatles leading up to their 1970 film, Let It Be, followed by their breakup in anticipation of the new film featuring restored, never-before-seen footage of the Beatles during the recording sessions for their album “Let It Be.” Then stick around for Scott’s favorite Beatles songs and see if yours made the list!

This episode covers:

  • The 1970 film, Let It Be, and the myths it created
  • The break up of the Beatles
  • Breaking down the best of the Beatles
  • Honoring the legacy of the Beatles with The Beatles: Get Back
  • Scott’s favorite Beatles songs

Video Game Voiceover and Beyond with Andi Gibson

Guest speaker: Andi Gibson

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Andi Gibson, a voiceover artist best known for her work on Guitar Hero and as Impa in Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Join Andi as she recounts her beginnings in showbiz at the age of 2 in Fleetwood Mac’s Gyspy music video and all the noteworthy jobs she’s had since. Then stick around to hear how she’s built a successful voiceover career and continues to collaborate and create during a time where being together isn’t always possible.

This episode covers:

  • Being the go-to little girl for music videos for artists like Fleetwood Mac
  • Starting a voiceover career
  • The joys and challenges of working at a Disney theme park and on cruise lines
  • Voicing Impa in the iconic Zelda game series
  • Connecting creatively while working separately

The Magnificence of Living Your Illusion with Joel Alexander Van der Molen

Guest speaker: Joel Alexander Van der Molen

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Joel Alexander Van der Molen, a multi-award-winning English actor and filmmaker, best known for telling his own life story in the documentary films, The Magnificence of You and Living My Illusion on Amazon Prime. Join Joel as he recounts “killing” his acting dream to find success and what he’s learned while in front of the camera as an unexpected character: himself. Plus, stick around to hear about his latest work What the Fact, providing a very current look at the conversations happening in many households around the world in 2020.

This episode covers:

  • Joel’s early beginnings in acting and his decision to “kill” his dream
  • Working with a life coach
  • The cathartic power of exposing your private life through a public medium
  • The importance of giving up on being liked
  • The relatable inspiration for What the Fact 

Solving the Composing Puzzle with David Stal

Guest speaker: David Stal

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by David Stal, an award-winning composer who recently contributed to the music for Netflix’s “The Queen’s Gambit.” David gives Paul a musical education as he shares how he manages to use his limitless palate to paint sonic pictures that fit within the boundaries of a film, breaking down the different needs of narrative and documentary projects.

This episode covers:

  • The power of music to elicit emotion in films
  • The process of scoring a film
  • Score vs soundtrack and how to navigate them as a composer
  • David’s contributions to the score of “The Queen’s Gambit”
  • The difference between scoring for a documentary or a film/tv show

Writing for the Page and Screen with B.Y. Randall

Guest speaker: B.Y. Randall

Host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by B.Y. Randall, a journalist, editor, and screenwriter whose first novel, Fishing With Dynamite, has recently been published! Listen in as Paul and B.Y. Randall discuss his inspiration for his novel, the difference between writing a screenplay and a novel, and the importance of pursuing your creative ambitions even if they are outside of your comfort zone.

This episode covers:

  • Transforming Fishing With Dynamite from a screenplay into a novel
  • How writing a novel can be liberating for screenwriters 
  • The challenges of presenting a woman’s point of view as a male writer 
  • The importance of taking artistic and creative risks
  • Getting an early career break by writing a CBS Schoolbreak Special 

The Rise of Filmmaking in Georgia with Fall Line Entertainment

Guest speaker: Crystal Trawick, LaMont Shedrick, and Bryan Jeffries

Host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Crystal Trawick, LaMont Shedrick, and Bryan Jeffries who make up the Executive Leadership Team at Fall Line Entertainment, a film production, distribution, and marketing company located in Columbus, GA. Listen as the Fall Line Entertainment team shares how the company and team came to be, the FLE philosophy, and what projects to expect from them in the future!

This episode covers:

  • Getting Fall Line Entertainment off the ground
  • How the Fall Line Entertainment team came together
  • Broadening the audience for faith-based films
  • Crystal’s experience as the CEO and Studio President of FLE
  • The expanding film industry in Georgia


The Dawning of a New Superhero Day with Donovan Russo

Guest speaker: Donovan Russo

Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Donovan Russo, a screenwriter and journalist whose first novel “Steven’s War” serves as a love letter to the comic book industry while providing more LGBTQ+ representation within the genre. Hear how Donovan developed the story for his novel, the potential for a future film, and how he gained a following as a journalist. Don’t forget to stick around for the bonus round where he reveals his favorite superhero, superhero movie, and what film he’s looking forward to most in 2021!


This episode covers:

  • Donovan Russo's first novel, “Steven’s War”
  • Donovan’s love for superheroes
  • Expanding LGBTQ+ representation within the superhero genre
  • Starting and developing a career in journalism
  • What makes a great superhero

The Triumphant Triumvirate of Cardinal Trio Pictures

Guest speaker: John C. Hall, Chasen Parker, and Nick Scherma

Paul is joined by the Cardinal Trio Pictures team made up of John C. Hall, Chasen Parker, and Nick Scherma. Listen as they share how their team was formed and the difficulties they’ve overcome while starting a company during a pandemic. Plus, hear how their different backgrounds and specialties in the entertainment industry work so well together and what upcoming projects you can expect from them!

This episode covers:

  • The formation of Cardinal Trio Pictures
  • How their individual skills work to best serve the team
  • Starting a company during a pandemic
  • Big screen vs small screen
  • The joys of movie theaters
  • Current projects in development

A Drive-in Dive Into Little Black Lie with Todd Theman and Tricia Grashaw

Guest speaker: Todd Theman and Tricia Grashaw

Paul is sitting down with independent filmmakers Todd Theman and Tricia Grashaw to discuss the increased success of drive-in movie theaters during the pandemic using Comscore’s exclusive drive-in data. Make sure you check out their film “Little Black Lie” coming to the Van Nuys drive-in on Friday, November 13.

This episode covers:

  • The drive-in theater comeback
  • How “Little Black Lie” has been received at festivals
  • Are all movies well-suited for theaters?
  • Where to watch “Little Black Lie”

The Best Movie Endings with Jason Guerrasio

Guest speaker: Jason Guerrasio

There’s nothing quite like a movie with a great ending. This week Paul is joined by award-winning senior entertainment reporter at Insider, Jason Guerrasio. Listen in as they break down Jason’s list of the 33 best movie endings and discuss what makes certain movie endings so effective. Jason, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Spoiler Alert! This episode spoils (and celebrates) the endings of these films:

  • Scarface
  • The Shawshank Redemption
  • Bonnie and Clyde
  • There Will Be Blood
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
  • Chinatown
  • Planet of the Apes

Driven to Love Car Movies with Aimee Shackelford

Guest speaker: Aimee Shackelford

Paul is joined by Aimee Shackelford who comes from a family that bleeds motor oil. Her great uncles, the Famighetti Brothers, built sprint midget race cars in Los Angeles in the 1930s - 1960s. Her latest company is GearOne Agency, a full-blown marketing agency specializing in automotive. Now she’s sitting down with Paul to talk about their favorite car movies and the power that these movies and their subject matter have to bring people together.

This episode covers:

  • Aimee’s thoughts on car movies including Ford v Ferrari, Gone in 60 Seconds, and Baby Driver
  • How cars (and car movies) bring people together
  • The cinematic power of car chases
  • How movies make cars iconic
  • Aimee’s car documentary recommendation

A Conservation Conversation with Nature Photographer Ben Hicks

Guest speaker: Ben Hicks

This week Paul is joined by nature photographer Ben Hicks who has journeyed across the Americas and ventured to exotic locales spanning the globe to compose a profoundly diverse collection of fine-art photography that truly captures the majestic beauty of the natural world. Listen as Ben shares how his love of nature became a love for photography that blossomed into the important work he does today to foster an appreciation for nature and raise environmental awareness, specifically in regards to sea turtle conservation.

This episode covers:

  • The beginning of Ben’s passion for nature
  • Ben’s start in action sport photography
  • Run-ins with sharks
  • Ben’s favorite photography gear
  • The importance of taking care of the environment

Traversing the Film Industry with Booze Traveler’s Jack Maxwell

Guest speaker: Jack Maxwell: professional actor and adventurer as well as the host of Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel

This week host Paul Dergarabedian is joined by Jack Maxwell, a professional actor, adventurer, and host of Booze Traveler on the Travel Channel. Maxwell takes us through the process of getting both Booze Traveler and his acting career off the ground, plus the lessons he’s learned about the industry along the way. Then stick around for the bonus round where Maxwell reveals his favorite films and what makes a movie so great!

This episode covers:

  • Jack’s secret to mixing culture and booze
  • The creation of Booze Traveler
  • How Jack got his start in acting and the hard lessons he learned
  • The problem with getting political
  • Jack’s cancer battle
  • Jack Maxwell’s favorite films

Spend Some Time with The Great Katzby, Brandon Katz

Guest speaker: Brandon Katz: Senior Entertainment Reporter for Observer covering the film and television industry.

This week host Paul Dergarabedian speaks with Brandon Katz, Senior Entertainment Reporter for Observer covering the film and television industry. In his role, he tracks the latest trending news, major moves by Hollywood’s power players, and everything from blockbuster cinema and prestige Oscar bait to the streaming wars and exclusive scoops. Hear how Brandon has made a career for himself as a “proud couch potato” then stick around for the bonus round where Brandon reveals his favorite films and his definition of a perfect movie!

This episode covers:

  • The beginning of Brandon’s passion for film and entertainment
  • Building his network and resume to break into the industry
  • The future of movies in America
  • The rise of the drive-in
  • Paul and Brandon’s favorite films


Falling for Film with Sarah Whitten

Guest speaker: Sarah Whitten: writer and entertainment reporter for CNBC covering entertainment, film, television, music, toys, and theme parks.

In the first episode Many Screens, Big Picture Paul speaks with CNBC Entertainment Reporter Sarah Whitten about the current state of the entertainment industry and where we go from here. Plus, some insight into finding a job in the industry and whether a degree or practical experience is more helpful. Then stick around for some bonus questions where Sarah reveals her love for D&D, how her cat made an impression on Russell Crowe, and her favorite film of all time! 

This episode covers:

  • The struggle of finding a job in entertainment
  • College degrees vs practical experience
  • Falling in love with the films
  • How the pandemic broke the entertainment industry’s cycle
  • Box office recovery predictions


Enter the magical, musical world of entertainment with Adam Weissler

Guest speaker: Adam Weissler, Emmy Award-winning producer, writer, talent booker and music correspondent

On this edition, Adam talks to Paul about what it’s like to be a award winning producer, talent booker and how his innate love of music has influenced and informed his amazing career in broadcast journalism.

@adamextra on Instagram
@adamextra on Twitter
Adam Weissler on Linkedin

Christy Lemire on the fabled life of a film critic

Guest speaker: Christy Lemire, Film Critic

Christy Lemire is a longtime film critic whose work appears at She co-hosts the podcast Breakfast All Day, appears on radio on KPCC FilmWeek and KCRW Press Play in Southern California and is a correspondent for "The SoCal Scene" on Spectrum News 1.

Paul and Christy delve into her circuitous path to becoming a film critic, the importance of great career mentors, the brilliance of Roger Ebert & how beer with Chris Evans, Tequila with Johnny Knoxville & tea with Charlie Hunnam are just another day on the job.

 Twitter: @christylemire

Everybody Loves Carl Gilliard!

Guest speaker: Carl Gilliard, Thespian, Writer, Director & Producer extraordinaire

Longtime friends Carl & Paul discuss Carl’s amazing career journey from his early days discovering the brilliance of Jack Lemmon on the big screen to his love of the Matt Helm films, his “Inception” as the go-to guy in movie trailers, his latest web-series “Two Degrees” and how being a bass player informs his creativity.  
Two Degrees 

It’s “Movie Night” with Max Friend

Guest speaker: Max Friend, Founder of Filmbot, a modern website and ticketing point-of-sale platform for independent cinemas.

Paul and Max discuss Filmbot’s recently launched Movie Night online platform that hosts one-night-only screenings of new exciting films, where movie fans can choose which theater they want to receive the proceeds of their purchase, make a donation, and ask questions during a filmmaker Q&A following each screening.  

Getting to Know “Movie Mantz” Scott Mantz

Guest speaker: Scott Mantz, correspondent, film critic and 5-time Emmy-nominated producer

On this episode, Paul asks Scott Mantz “Movie Mantz” about the ins and outs of being a movie critic, his “Star Trek” inspired career path, interviewing David Crosby & Cameron Crowe, his well-known love of the movie “La La Land” and why he may very well be the most passionate movie fan in the business.

The State of the Movie Theater in the Age of COVID-19 with John Fithian

Guest speaker: John Fithian - President & CEO, NATO

John and Paul discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the movie theater industry, filmmaker support for the big screen experience and what the future holds for cinemas around the globe and why 2021 could be the biggest year ever at the box office.

Inside the Exciting World of Film Distribution with Chris Aronson

Guest speaker: Chris Aronson - President of Domestic Distribution for Paramount Pictures

Paul & Chris discuss Chris’ career journey, we learn the intricacies of buying and booking film back in the days when Chris had to haul around massive film cans in the trunk of his Datsun B-210, his role in the creation of Rentrak Theatrical, his top CinemaCon moments and finally, Mr. Aronson gives us his pick for the best Martini spot on the planet.

A Look at Independent Filmmaking with David DuBos

Guest speaker: David DuBos, Award-Winning Filmmaker and Screenwriter

David DuBos is an award-winning filmmaker and screenwriter living and working in New Orleans.  David and Paul riff on the realities of the independent film world, the ups and downs of pursuing passion projects and reveal how David’s favorite director has influenced the naming of his favorite canine.

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