- 15 de noviembre, 2016

Ad Week 2016: How do you evaluate quality delivery?

How do we ensure that the data that goes into marketing models is actually valid data?  How important is viewability? Has this focus on viewability distracted marketers from understanding a campaign’s true ROI? Hear from agency and advertiser experts on how to evaluate data.

Aaron Fetters SVP, Comscore
Blaise D'Sylva VP, Media, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group
Lyle Schwartz Managing Partner, GroupM
Jon Suarez-Davis Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Krux
Julie Fleischer Managing Director, Retail, OMD
Charlie Chappell Sr. Director, Global Integrated Media, The Hershey Company

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    Active campañas y empaquete inventario convirtiendo a las audiencias granulares y los datos contextuales en targets accionables.
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    El objetivo de la publicidad es, y siempre ha sido, generar un impacto. Si bien es de crítica importancia que un anuncio sea visto, la visibilidad no es un indicador de eficacia....
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