- 6 de octubre, 2023

Comscore and AWS announce access to census-level analytics in new data delivery partnership

Joseph Delfino
Joseph Delfino
VP Strategy and Business development

Comscore continues to innovate to meet the challenges of signal loss while also enabling broadcasters and other publishers to achieve revenue growth.

The challenges facing the market are clear. Cookie deprecation, privacy regulations, signal loss, media fragmentation, and lack of data interoperability are significant obstacles for businesses to overcome. Broadcasters need to sustain revenue while constant change is happening. Comscore is working to deliver solutions that allow publishers and broadcasters to value and package audiences effectively, while providing ease of use, scale, and privacy compliance.

Comscore was recently part of the launch of AWS’ Media and Entertainment (M&E) solution area focused on monetization . This new initiative, announced earlier this month and featured at the International Broadcast Conference in the Netherlands September 15th-17th, will enable customers to simplify and modernize their advertising stacks, increase revenue across viewing platforms, and build direct, more personalized relationships with audiences.

By leveraging AWS and its new solution, Comscore will be embedded within a technology platform that is native to many client workflows. This will further enable frictionless access to Comscore’s rich cross-platform dataset and provide clients with the flexibility to collaborate with Comscore and their first-party datasets in the future. The AWS M&E Monetization solution area is one of many ways in which Comscore is working with partners in the media ecosystem to frictionlessly deliver data.

As part of a demo at IBC, Comscore showcased this data collaboration and the drag-and-drop UI with a no-code interface on AWS Clean Rooms. This solution lets customers access Comscore datasets, without leaving the AWS Console or writing a single line of code.

Comscore’s integration with AWS gives customers easy access to datasets in a privacy-compliant clean room setting. With this solution, Comscore is building upon several important strategic pillars in its cross-platform approach, giving publishers and broadcasters the ability to: capture, curate, and create more audience value, drive new revenue streams, and unify planning, optimization, and measurement.

We continue to build a technology ecosystem that meets customers’ needs for frictionless data distribution. This partnership will play a significant role in Comscore’s goal to deliver cross-platform solutions to the industry.

Your world is evolving, and Comscore is here to help — especially in areas that media companies need to solve for — amidst the many challenges. We believe broadcasters and other publishers have a lot to overcome, but that out of big challenges come big opportunities. Reach out to me here to continue the conversation about how we can shape the privacy-forward future together.