- 20 junho, 2013

MMX Multi-Platform: The Next Generation of Digital Audience Measurement

Consumers today are accessing content through multiple devices, from desktop PCs to tablets. This creates a challenge in digital audience measurement that is essential for contemporary media planning. So how do marketers, agencies and publishers account for these multi-platform users and align their media planning efforts?

In this presentation, Comscore Chief Research Officer Josh Chasin and Comscore Executive Vice President Jeff Hackett present Comscore MMX Multi-Platform (MMX MP). This next-generation audience measurement and analytics tool provides a unified view of digital media consumption across desktop computers, smartphones and tablets.

Here are the topics covered in this presentation:

  • The official launch and recent industry adoption of MMX MP
  • What questions MMX MP can answer about your customers and competition
  • The unique methodology that Comscore uses to determine the unduplicated audiences across multiple media platforms
  • What new insights can be obtained from this valuable data set
  • How this new data set can be used to demonstrate the value of your audiences and sell more effectively