20 Maio, 2015 - Evento: comScore Presentation

Non-Human Traffic: Why It Matters and Why You Should Care

Palestrante: Timur Yarnall, comScore SVP of Corporate Development

The issue of fraudulent and non-human traffic (NHT) has the online advertising industry reeling, and with good reason: If an ad isn’t reaching a real person, that’s a real problem.

As the issue of NHT grows, it infects all performance and effectiveness metrics that media buyers and sellers use to evaluate their success. However, advanced NHT measurement can help both sides of the table to get reliable numbers they can confidently act on.

In this presentation, Timur Yarnall, comScore SVP of Corporate Development, shared key learnings about NHT, including:

  • The effects of NHT on viewability, in-target and GRP measurement
  • How NHT contaminates your KPIs and misleads your decision-making
  • The ways even premium publishers can fall prey to sophisticated NHT, such as domain laundering
  • Best Practices for advertisers, agencies and publishers to work together to minimize ad delivery to NHT

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