- 14 setembro, 2015

Central Americans are Increasing their Usage of Mobile Apps, Especially on Instagram

Alberto Bautista
Alberto Bautista
Senior Sales Manager

Comscore recently conducted a study of Central American's online behavior to better understand how this market engages with various media and technology channels and analyzed their perceptions of advertising. Most of the research focuses on key areas of the internet such as social media, and how internet users are behaving on different platforms, such as a mobile.

In terms of mobile, the research found that apps are becoming increasingly important to how Central Americans engage with mobile content.

Facebook emerged as the leading social network in Central America, having been used by 97 percent of the digital population. Twitter ranked second at 54 percent, followed by Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr, each of which has gained popularity in the last two years. Instagram has seen the most dramatic gain, from 19 percent penetration in 2013 to 38 percent penetration in 2015.

Other findings from the study reveal insights about digital advertising that are relevant to this growing market. Central Americans considered digital advertising the most creative and informative media type and that these ads are able to convey the most information. In general, the online audience in Central America is open and receptive to digital advertising, highlighting its potential in this market.

These and many more details can be found in our Study Central America 2015.

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