- 29 julho, 2022

Houston's Baseball All-Stars and The City Remain Hot

Local TV Snapshot: July 18-24

Eric Bratten
Eric Bratten
Director, Demand Generation

Top 10 Local TV Markets

This week Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth viewers are consuming the most hours per household, while NYC, LA, and Chicago remain in the top 3 largest markets for average audience. Local television networks are also thriving on social media, with those in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York leading in both social actions and video views.

US Local TV Markets

Local TV - Top Telecasts in Houston, TX

KEY INSIGHTS: Baseball and local news dominated Houston television viewership throughout the week of July 18.

  • Despite the MLB All-Star Game being played in Los Angeles, 333.9K households of loyal Houston Astros fans tuned into KRIV FOX to watch their five All-Stars play in this year's game
  • Houston viewers can’t get enough of their local news which covered the state-wide heat wave, as local and world news programming on KTRK ABC generated an average audience of 177K+ for most shows throughout the week
Top 10 Telecasts

What's Heating Up On Social Pages of Local Stations in Houston, TX

KEY INSIGHTS: Houston couldn’t escape the heat this week, with several of the top stories surrounding the state-wide heat wave.

Cross-Platform metrics across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter:

  • 2.1M video views
  • 830K social actions
  • 5K pieces of content
  • 7K video shares
What's Heating Up On Social Pages of Local Stations in Houston, TX

Metric Definitions:

  • Average Audience (AA) – Average number of TVs tuned to an entity throughout the selected time frame
  • Households (HH) – Number of unique households reporting at least one minute of viewing for the selected time frame and classification (telecast, network, etc.)
  • Share (SH) – The average audience of a particular program relative to the total average audience across all programming during the same time frame. Calculated by dividing the avg. audience of a telecast and/or network by the avg. audience over all telecasts airing at the same time (x100)
  • Rating (RTG) – The percentage of the household universe that viewed the classification (network, telecast, ad, etc.). Calculated by dividing AA by the total TV households in the selected market(s)
  • Hours Viewed per Household (Hrs/V-HH) – Average hours viewed per household during the selected time frame
  • Video Views (Cross-Platform) – Total video views across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube
  • Actions (Cross-Platform) – Total number of actions (reactions, shares, comments, retweets, favorites, loves) the specified property receives during the defined time period across the combined space of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  • Shares (Cross-Platform) - The total number of time the specific property’s posts were shared on Facebook or Retweeted on Twitter during the defined time period.