Playing it Safe is not Safe with Dan Hofmeister

Featuring: Dan Hofmeister, SVP Brand Marketing Bumble Bee Seafoods

In this episode of CMO Pulse, Dan Hofmeister, SVP Brand Marketing for Bumble Bee Seafoods talks about mission, purpose and how the pandemic has broadened the idea of what is "possible" now, and post-Covid. 

Bumble Bee has embraced the unexpected with new thinking around its campaigns and social media approach, around the mantra that "playing it safe is not safe" anymore. Dan also discusses the importance of creating messaging and marketing frameworks and infrastructure around company values in order to deal with the unexpected - as occurred for Bumble Bee foods in 2020 when the brand was called out in a surprising context by President Trump!...and Bumble Bee Seafood simply asked their users to "Eat them, don't throw them away", bringing levity to what was otherwise a highly charged, and potentially divisive cultural moment. Interviewed by Tania Yuki, CEO Shareablee.

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