- 1 Julho, 2020

Coronavirus and the UK & Ireland cinema industry

- Este evento já aconteceu -

As cinemas reopen their doors, our fourth UK & Ireland webinar will focus on relaunch activity here and in France, safeguarding higher-risk audience groups, and the latest updates on how forecasts for 2020 box office have evolved.

The session will be hosted by Lucy Jones, Executive Director of Comscore Movies. Our panellists will cover a variety of topics including research among Black, Asian and other audiences who are at higher risk from COVID-19, a case study on how the Genesis Cinema in east London plans to reopen from 4th July, and an update on 2020 forecasts in light of all the release date changes seen over recent weeks. We’ll also learn about the relaunch campaign and first week of business in France following their reopening on 22nd June.

This is a space for dialogue with all stakeholders on the impact of the pandemic, the way forward and the road to recovery. Today, more than ever, regular communication and reliable information are crucial.

Our panellists:

  • Anthony Andrews – Co-founder & Creative Director, We Are Parable
  • Tyrone Walker-Hebborn – Owner, Genesis Cinema
  • Robert Mitchell – Director, Theatrical Insights, Gower Street Analytics
  • Eric Marti – General Manager, France, Comscore Movies