- 12 janeiro, 2022

The Future of Everywhere: Creating a Common Audience Definition across Platforms

Viewing consumers don’t think in terms of linear versus streaming versus digital—they think of content, and the rest is noise.

Modern media measurement must reflect this cross-platform reality, with solutions built on experience, scale, and technology, combined with unique big data assets, innovative methodologies, and best-in-class services. In this keynote presentation, Comscore’s Chief Commercial Officer, Chris Wilson, will present Comscore’s vision for the future of cross-platform measurement, before sitting down for a virtual conversation with DISH Media’s Kevin Arrix to discuss the evolution and importance of cross-platform in the media marketplace in 2022, and beyond.

This video is part of the TVOT Live! New Year 2022 conference, for more recorded sessions, see https://vimeo.com/user2660412.

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