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Presentation Aug. 12, 2015 | Share

The Impact of Brazil’s Economy and Politics on Social Media

The Impact of Brazil’s Economy and Politics on Social Media

In this presentation, Tania Yuki, CEO and Founder of Shareablee, presented the state of Social Networks in Brazil and how political and economic developments have impacted the behavior of Brazilians. Read more

Presentation Oct. 15, 2014 | Share

Special Event Marketing on Social

This presentation with Shareablee examines major worldwide events such as the Olympics, World Cup, Super Bowl, Oscars, and more in the context of social media marketing. You will learn the strategies behind various social media tactics that have been used in the past and their relative effectiveness. Read more

Blog Nov. 18, 2013 | Share

Measuring What Matters in Social Media

Measuring What Matters in Social Media

Rather than focusing on potential fans, savvy social brands hone in on quality activity and interactions. By using audience-centric social media metrics and competitive benchmarking, brands can better understand their performance and identify oppo rtunities to improve their social impact. Read more

Blog Sep. 15, 2010 | Share

Age Matters: Ad Sensitivity in Online TV Programming

With viewership of long form content on a rapid upward trajectory and its addressable audience representing more than 80 million Americans, we are clearly in an era of significant opportunity for the online video advertising market. But despite its growth, the industry is still tinkering with the most effective business model to monetize this valuable,... Read more

Whitepaper Aug. 20, 2010 | Share

Great Expectations: How Advertising for Original Scripted TV Programming Works Online

As broadcasters, networks and cable, satellite and telecom companies evaluate the opportunities gained and lost when making content freely or conditionally available online, it is now more important than ever to understand consumers’ value levers when watching original TV programming. Read more

Blog Jul. 15, 2010 | Share

comScore Enhances Online Video Measurement to Better Align with TV

I am extremely excited to share with you our announcement from earlier today that comScore has just introduced Video Metrix 2.0, the next generation of our industry leading online video measurement product. comScore was the first company to introduce online video measurement about 5 years ago and to say that the online video landscape has changed since... Read more

Blog Apr. 29, 2010 | Share

Don’t Just Tell Me, Entertain Me! - Transmedia in Advertising

As we further explore the possibilities of cross media advertising, we are beginning to see that the value of “transmedia” as a strategy that can assist marketers in leveraging the unique benefits of multiple platforms and activate deep brand experiences that entertain and invite participation and engagement from its viewers. Read more

Blog Sep. 3, 2009 | Share

My Two Cents on the Online Video Conundrum

It’s occurred to me as of late that the online video conundrum – simply put, the fact that online video advertising growth is not tracking at the same rate as that of online video consumption – is in many ways self-inflicted. While there are several reasons for the slow shift in ad spend, I can’t help but think that one of the biggest is the... Read more

Blog Mar. 30, 2009 | Share

Getting Beyond Big – and How to Make 14 Billion Video Streams a Month Count

Fourteen billion is a big number, and we like big numbers. They have impact. They are bold. They make great headlines (see above). But when it comes to making online video audiences targetable and valuable, big sweeping numbers can mislead us into thinking that video is complicated, or that streamers are somehow hard to reach in meaningful, measurable... Read more