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Presentation Apr. 9, 2015 | Share

Anytime, Anywhere: Measuring Today’s Digital Video Consumer

As content flows across an increasing number of screens, content owners and advertisers need a consistent way to transact in a platform-agnostic world. This presentation will share the latest developments into multi-screen measurement and insights into digital video consumption across screens. Read more

Presentation Dec. 11, 2014 | Share

Increase Digital Revenue by Dealing with Viewability and Non-Human Traffic

Increase Digital Revenue by Dealing with Viewability and Non-Human Traffic

With viewability and ad fraud capturing industry headlines, media sellers face increased pressure to prove the value of their inventory so advertisers can feel confident their message is being seen by the right audience to make an impact. Read more

Presentation Oct. 15, 2014 | Share

Cross Channel Measurement - Understanding Consumer Behaviour Across Multiple Devices

Cross Channel Measurement

In order for to thrive in a world of connected devices, we have to track and measure how people are moving between them. Read more

Presentation Sep. 12, 2014 | Share

Multi-Platform Majority: Insights into Today’s New Digital Consumer

Multi-Platform Majority: Insights into Today’s New Digital Consumer

Three-quarters of UK consumers now access the Internet via both mobile and desktop devices, opening up new opportunities for marketers to capitalise on this evolving ecosystem. Read more

Presentation Apr. 10, 2013 | Share

2013 Europe Future in Focus Webinar

Europe Future in Focus

In this webinar, Mike Shaw and Ayaan Mohamud gave a comprehensive overview of the key trends shaping the digital landscape in Europe. The presentation covered the 18 European markets measured by comScore and highlighted key trends in internet usage, digital advertising, mobile, online video and search from the 2013 Europe Digital Future in Focus report.... Read more

Presentation Mar. 21, 2013 | Share

Putting the Future in Focus

Putting the Future in Focus

Mike Shaw’s presentation will give you an insight into the European ad market, the rising importance of viewable impression measurement and why data will fuel the continued growth of digital advertising. Read more

Whitepaper Aug. 18, 2012 | Share

The Power of Like Europe: How Social Marketing Works for Retail Brands

The Power of Like Europe is based on a collaboration between comScore and Facebook and is a follow-up to the original Power of Like study conducted in the US in May 2011 and Power of Like 2, published in June 2012. The findings are largely based on data from comScore Social Essentials™ and Action Lift™ products. Read more

Presentation May. 18, 2012 | Share

An Industry in Numbers - Understanding the UK Digital Landscape

comScore present an overview of the digital advertising landscape, focusing on the implications for the industry of measuring ad visibility and targeting. Read more

Presentation May. 11, 2012 | Share

Changing How the World Sees Digital Advertising: vCE™ Charter Study Webinar

The European comScore vCE Charter Study – 12 leading advertisers – sought to answer these very questions and more! Mike Shaw presents the full study results and provides a thoughtful discussion of the study implications. Read more

Presentation Mar. 29, 2012 | Share

validated Campaign Essentials Breakfast Briefing

This presentation on validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) was delivered at the official launch of vCE in the UK by Mike Read, Scott Joslin and Mike Shaw. In addition to digital trends, it discusses the importance of ad validation in the digital world and how comScore's vCE can help the media industry Read more