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Presentation Oct. 7, 2013 | Share

The Multi-Screen Path to Purchasing

The Multi-Screen Path to Purchasing

Today’s consumer is more and more likely to engage with digital content on multiple devices. Even more intriguing are the implications of mobile devices and the user’s ability to access content on-the-go. As new purchasing channels open up, it is important for brands to present a unified presence across platforms. Read more

Whitepaper Apr. 14, 2010 | Share

The 2010 Online Auto Insurance Report

comScore’s 2010 Online Auto Insurance report is a detailed review of the attitudes, preferences, and behaviors of auto insurance policyholders and shoppers. By analyzing how these consumers engage with insurance companies both online and offline, industry players gain insight into strategic issues pertaining to consumers’ auto insurance quoting,... Read more

Whitepaper Dec. 14, 2009 | Share

The 2009 comScore Online Credit Card Report

As the economy and recent credit card regulations continue to shape the credit card industry, the 2009 comScore Online Credit Card Report presents a deep dive into the behaviors and perceptions of consumers in the changing credit card industry online. Read more