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Blog Abr. 29, 2016 | Share

Kantar and comScore expand upon partnership, add SimilarWeb

Today we’re excited to announce the expansion of our behavioral data partnership with Kantar and a new partnership with SimilarWeb, which will bring expanded capabilities and new innovative solutions to marketers. Leia mais

Blog Abr. 27, 2016 | Share

Understanding CNN's Unduplicated Cross-Media Audience Footprint

Understanding CNN’s Unduplicated Cross-Media Audience Footprint

comScore and CNN today released a report, based on comScore Xmedia™ data, highlighting the cross-media reach of CNN across TV, desktop and mobile. As media continues to converge and we embark upon a cross-media future, there is an increasing need to understand how media companies deliver their valuable audiences across all the screens that matter. Leia mais

Press release Abr. 27, 2016 | Share

CNN Leverages comScore Xmedia to Capture Unified View of Cross-Media Audience

CNN, a division of Turner, and comScore today announced that CNN is one of the first media companies to leverage Xmedia to measure a total unduplicated view of audience across its television, desktop and mobile properties in a single metric. A launch partner of comScore’s Xmedia product, CNN is now able to more effectively partner with advertisers... Leia mais

Whitepaper Abr. 27, 2016 | Share

The CNN Cross-Media Report

In today’s cross-media world, consumers not only have a vast array of options for what media content to consume, they also have more options than ever as to how they consume it. The consumer choice among TV, desktop or mobile depends on a number of factors, such as content availability, convenience and the individual’s personal preference at a specific... Leia mais

Blog Abr. 22, 2016 | Share

comScore and Our Continued MRC Accreditation Momentum

comScore and Our Continued MRC Accreditation Momentum

In January, after a long and constructive process, comScore announced that the Media Rating Council (MRC) had accredited Media Metrix, our flagship content audience measurement product, in the US. This was a significant development for both comScore and the digital ecosystem at large; Media Metrix is the first and only digital content ratings service... Leia mais

Press release Abr. 20, 2016 | Share

comScore e Facebook formam parceria para fornecer aos clientes insights de visibilidade

A comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) anunciou hoje que está formando uma parceria com o Facebook para reportar seus dados de visibilidade diretamente no módulo de validação de anúncios do validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®). A parceria global inclui as métricas de visibilidade para campanhas de vídeo e display sendo executadas no Facebook nas plataformas... Leia mais

Press release Abr. 20, 2016 | Share

A comScore é a primeira empresa a oferecer GRP visível para Digital Display e Vídeo credenciado pelo MRC

Hoje, a comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) anunciou que o módulo de audiência do validated Campaign Essentials™ 2.0 (vCE® 2.0), que inclui o relatório das campanhas digitais em relação à faixa etária, gênero e demografia da etnia baseada no comportamento, bem como o alcance, a frequência e os GRPs resultantes, recebeu o credenciamento do Media Rating... Leia mais

Press release Abr. 19, 2016 | Share

comScore Delivers First Cross-Platform Ratings to Clients

comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) announced today that it has completed the first round of development of its cross-platform ratings, and is now delivering those results to clients for private preview Leia mais

Apresentação Abr. 18, 2016 | Share

From the Dealership to the Livingroom: Reach Your Auto Intenders

From the Dealership to the Livingroom Reach Your Auto Intenders

In this presentation Julia Johnston, comScore Vice President of Agency Sales, takes an in-depth look at targeting automotive buyers with your TV buys. Leia mais

Press release Abr. 15, 2016 | Share

comScore Labs Discovers Placement Laundering Attack in SafeFrame

Today, comScore (NASDAQ: SCOR) announced that comScore Labs has discovered a sophisticated new form of placement laundering that that has been used to generate considerable amounts of invalid traffic to take advantage of advertisers over the past year. Leia mais