- 25 Setembro, 2017

Malaysia’s Multi-Platform Consumer Behaviour

Comscore recently announced major upgrades to MMX Multi-Platform and Mobile Metrix in Malaysia with the introduction of mobile consumer panel data. This Android mobile panel expands Comscore’s measurement of mobile audiences in Malaysia to enable more robust reporting of visitation, engagement and demographics. An analysis of the multi-platform and mobile data revealed some key findings:

Over half of Malaysia’s users consume online content via both desktop and mobile in a month

  • In Malaysia, multi-platform users form the largest segment, with just over half of the total digital population accessing the Internet via both desktop and mobile devices in a month.
  • At the same time, just over 1 in 5 users no longer rely on desktop, becoming part of a ’mobile only’ audience that appears to be growing globally.

15–24 users are most ‘mobile only’, while 25–34s are least reliant on desktop

  • Younger demographics are more likely to be ‘mobile only’ when accessing digital content, with around a third of 15–24s and 25–34s abandoning desktop and laptop computers altogether.
  • 25–34s are the least reliant on desktop, with only 3% using it as their sole platform.
  • The most multi-platform demographic is 35–44s, with nearly three quarters of them using a combination of desktop and mobile devices.

Three quarters of Malaysia’s digital minutes are on mobile

  • Although audiences continue to exist in almost equal proportions on desktop, it is clear that consumer time is flourishing on mobile.
  • Almost three quarters of total online minutes in Malaysia are spent on smartphone or tablet devices, with the bulk of this extensive mobile time spent within apps.

Younger demographics spend largest share of their time on mobile

  • Mobile time dominates overall digital minutes across all demographics, but once again, it is younger users who exhibit greater mobile usage.
  • On the other hand, users 45 years old and above spend almost one third of their time on desktop and laptop computers, the highest proportion among all age groups.

For more insights into multi-platform and mobile consumer behaviour in Malaysia, download the full presentation Introducing Expanded Mobile and Multi-Platform Measurement in Malaysia with Mobile Consumer Panel Data.

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