- 21 janeiro, 2015

Roundtable with ConAgra Foods: Improving the Effectiveness of Online Advertising

Palestrante: Tammy Vance, Senior Director, Comscore, Heather Dumford, Global Marketing Director, Media, ConAgra Foods, Cynthia Neumann, Senior Director, Consumer Insights Advanced Analytics, ConAgra Foods

Viewability and audience measurement have changed the online advertising game. ConAgra Foods has been at the forefront of this change as an advertiser, leveraging the latest measurement technology to improve the effectiveness of its online campaigns.

In this presentation, ConAgra Foods shared the strategy behind these digital advertising accomplishments and its key learnings for advertising effectiveness:

  • Optimizing for viewability and audience delivery significantly improves branding impact for advertisers
  • Alignment with media sellers is critical to achieving campaign goals
  • Unduplicated validation measurement – including viewability and non-human traffic – is the next necessary step getting accurate campaign performance data
  • In addition to validation, it is important to measure key branding metrics to understand the effectiveness of your campaigns

View this session for a roundtable discussion led by Comscore Senior Director Tammy Vance with ConAgra Foods’ Heather Dumford and Cynthia Neumann to hear a deeper perspective on these learnings and more.