- 7 março, 2017

Programmatic Advertising: The Impact on Brand and Delivery Metrics and What Advertisers Can Do to Maximise Returns

Programmatic adoption has continued to soar across the globe bringing with it numerous potential benefits. With these benefits though, issues of transparency and media quality have come to the forefront as advertisers and their agencies evaluate whether media spend is delivering effectively on goals – from campaign delivery to consumer impact.

This report looks at key findings from Comscore and Kantar Millward Brown on the impact of programmatic on brand metrics and campaign delivery including how advertisers and their agencies can improve return on programmatic campaigns.

Key Findings:

  • Brand Metrics: Programmatic does well in driving purchase intent, but it still has significant potential for improvement in upper funnel metrics such as awareness and message association.
  • Campaign Delivery: Programmatic ad buys see lower viewability and higher invalid traffic rates when compared to direct buys, with video inventory being especially susceptible. This underscores why validating impression delivery is critical in campaign evaluation.

Download the report to learn more including recommendations to improve the return on programmatic campaigns.