Social Networking Goes Global

Major Social Networking Sites Substantially Expanded Their Global Visitor Base during Past Year

RESTON, VA, July 31, 2007 – Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released the results of a study on the expansion of social networking across the globe, revealing that several major social networking sites have experienced dramatic growth during the past year.

Social networking behemoth attracted more than 114 million global visitors age 15 and older in June 2007, representing a 72-percent increase versus year ago. experienced even stronger growth during that same time frame, jumping 270 percent to 52.2 million visitors. (up 172 percent to 18.2 million visitors) and (up 774 percent to 13.2 million visitors) also increased by orders of magnitude.

Worldwide Growth of Selected* Social Networking Sites
June 2007 vs. June 2006
Total Worldwide Home/Work Locations Among Internet Users Age 15+
Source: Comscore World Metrix
Social Networking Site Total Unique Visitors (000)
Jun-06 Jun-07 % Change
MySpace 66,401 114,147 72
Facebook 14,083 52,167 270
Hi5 18,098 28,174 56
Friendster 14,917 24,675 65
Orkut 13,588 24,120 78
Bebo 6,694 18,200 172
Tagged 1,506 13,167 774

*Sites selected from among those with at least 10 million visitors worldwide, 50 percent growth during the past year, and of particular significance to the North American region; future studies will focus on sites that are popular in other worldwide regions; the sites included do not constitute a ranking of the top social networking sites.

“During the past year, social networking has really taken off globally,” said Bob Ivins, executive vice president of international markets. “Literally hundreds of millions of people around the world are visiting social networking sites each month and many are doing so on a daily basis. It would appear that social networking is not a fad but rather an activity that is being woven into the very fabric of the global Internet.”

Worldwide Daily Visitation of Selected Social Networking Sites
June 2007 vs. June 2006
Total Worldwide Home/Work Locations Among Internet Users Age 15+
Source: Comscore World Metrix
Social Networking Site Average Daily Visitors (000)
Jun-06 Jun-07 % Change
MySpace 16,764 28,786 72
Facebook 3,742 14,917 299
Hi5 2,873 4,727 65
Friendster 3,037 5,966 96
Orkut 5,488 9,628 75
Bebo 1,188 4,833 307
Tagged 202 983 386

MySpace, Facebook Strong in North America; Bebo Grabs Hold in Europe

While attracting global users, specific social networks have a tendency to skew in popularity in different regions. For example, both (62 percent) and (68 percent) attract approximately two-thirds of their respective audiences from North America. That said, each has already amassed a large international visitor base and both appear poised to continue their global expansion. has a particularly strong grasp on Europe, attracting nearly 63 percent of its visitors from that region, while Orkut is firmly entrenched in Latin America (49 percent) and Asia-Pacific (43 percent). Friendster also attracts a significant proportion of its visitors (89 percent) from the Asia-Pacific region. Both and exhibit more balance in their respective visitor bases, drawing at least 8 percent from each of the five worldwide regions.

Visitation to Selected Social Networking Sites by Worldwide Region
June 2007
Total Worldwide Home/Work Locations Among Internet Users Age 15+
Source: Comscore World Metrix
Social Networking Site Share (%) of Unique Visitors
Worldwide North America Latin America Europe Middle East-Africa Asia Pacific
MySpace 100.0% 62.1% 3.8% 24.7% 1.3% 8.1%
Facebook 100.0% 68.4% 2.0% 16.8% 5.7% 7.1%
Hi5 100.0% 15.3% 24.1% 31.0% 8.7% 20.8%
Friendster 100.0% 7.7% 0.4% 2.5% 0.8% 88.7%
Orkut 100.0% 2.9% 48.9% 4.6% 0.6% 43.0%
Bebo 100.0% 21.8% 0.5% 62.5% 1.3% 13.9%
Tagged 100.0% 22.7% 14.6% 23.4% 10.0% 29.2%

“A fundamental aspect of the success of social networking sites is cultural relevance,” continued Mr. Ivins. “Those doing well in certain regions are likely doing an effective job of communicating appropriately with those regions’ specific populations. As social networking continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see if networks are able to cross cultural barriers and bring people from different corners of the globe together in fulfilling the truest ideals of social networking.”

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