Measure what matters to make cross-platform audiences and advertising more valuable.

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Comscore is a trusted currency for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms.


Connect the dots across multiple data sources to discover and act upon new opportunities to drive business growth.


Build your business around the transformative currency for media measurement in a cross-platform world.


Understand the impact of media and marketing efforts so you can improve ROI and make future decisions with confidence.

Making measurement make sense

Cross-platform measurement is necessary when making informed business decisions in an increasingly complex media environment. We help leading media properties, brands, and advertisers connect the dots to grow their businesses.

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Making measurement make sense

Driving marketing accountability

Understanding the impact of marketing investment can make or break a brand’s ability to compete and grow. We combine deep data assets with sophisticated data science to help brands invest more in what works—and evolve what doesn’t.

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Driving marketing accountability

Fueling the business of movies

Measuring movie viewership from more than 95% of the global box office, Comscore combines trusted currency measurement with modern analytics to inform key decisions at every stage of a film’s lifecycle.

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Fueling the business of movies


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