Comscore + CCPA

The California Consumer Privacy Act (“CCPA) grants California residents new rights with respect to the collection and sale of their personal information. To learn more about the CCPA, you can visit the California Attorney General CCPA homepage.

Comscore’s Approach to Privacy and the CCPA

In preparation of CCPA, Comscore formed a cross-functional team composed of Comscore’s Chief Privacy Officer, Legal Privacy team, and senior representatives from Comscore’s Information Security, Engineering, Product Management, and Technology teams.

As part of Comscore’s ongoing commitment to transparency, control, and security, our CCPA team focused on reviewing CCPA, the impact to our business, and working together towards CCPA compliance. If this seems familiar, it is because this is the same approach we took for the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

Privacy Policies

In preparation for the CCPA, we updated our privacy policies to help individuals understand how we work to give them transparency and tools for meaningful control over what data we collect about them, how it is used, and when it is shared.

To view the Privacy Policy about and the mobile application for, please visit

To learn more about our research panels’ privacy policies, you may visit CreativeKnowledge, Full Circle Studies, measureAd, MobileXpression, PremierOpinion, RelevantKnowledge, TMRG, VoiceFive, OpinionSquare, PermissionResearch, and DigitalReflection.

To learn more about our digital measurement privacy policy, you may visit ScorecardResearch.

Data Subject Rights

Data Subject Rights

The CCPA granted consumers certain rights to access, correct, and delete their personal information. In addition, the CCPA granted consumers the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information. At Comscore, we believe individuals should have access to your information regardless of where you are located. For more information on how you can submit a Data Subject Rights (DSR) request, please visit our DSR page.

Digital Media Owners

Digital Media Owners and CCPA

For more information about CCPA compliance and passing opt-out values to Comscore, please visit Comscore Direct.