Data Partners

Data Partners collect or receive information including personal information about an individual’s use of their services, browser, or device when individuals use their products, sites, or applications. Data Partners collect this information in accordance with their privacy policies and share it with Comscore for various purposes.

For example, a Data Partner may share unique identifiers (e.g., an online identifier such as a cookie ID), demographic information (e.g., age and gender), or geolocation data (e.g., country, city, and state) with Comscore, to match against Comscore’s existing data. Comscore uses this information for models, for research and in its products and services, including for audience measurement and for market and advertising research, analytics, transacting and planning purposes.

Learn more about how these specific partners collect and use your information:

  • Google
    Information collected by Google and shared with Comscore may include YouTube streaming data and ad exposure data. This information may be combined with other panelist personal information as described in the applicable Comscore panelist privacy policy. This information is used to measure audiences and ad performance across platforms

Comscore also partners with industry leaders who provide support to our measurement and reporting capabilities, helping ensure that we most effectively meet the needs of our clients. For more information about other partners, please click here.

You can read more about the information Comscore collects, including from Data Partners, in our privacy policies.

  • To learn more about Comscore’s digital measurement privacy policy, please visit ScorecardResearch.

Service Providers

Comscore also works with trusted businesses as “data processors” or “service providers” (collectively “Service Providers”) rather than partners, meaning they process information on our behalf, to support our services, based on our instructions, and in compliance with our Privacy Policy and other appropriate confidentiality and security measures.

For our digital measurement products and services, we work with the following companies:

  • Amazon Web Services – Content Delivery Network and Cloud Hosting Services

Privacy questions

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