Breaking through the clutter with Knorr Marketing

Knorr Marketing
Knorr Marketing used Comscore data to help a local furniture store better reach its target customers in hyper-localized geographies.

The Scenario

A furniture store client wanted to better reach target customers in two counties—but they were unable to analyze by county when relying on total market data.

The Solution

Knorr used Comscore data to help precisely analyze viewership by county and ZIP code to deliver better reach, frequency and efficiency.

Number 1

Knorr used Comscore data to evaluate buying opportunities by ZIP code and county instead of total market, for more precise placement, less waste and, overall, more effective ad buys.

Number 2

Knorr recommended to their client an OTT-heavy plan (instead of OTA) to help maximize the client’s limited budget.

Number 3

Knorr’s creative and efficient strategy won the business of the client and increased their budget year-over-year.

The Success

Knorr Marketing was able to deliver results for the furniture store client, and successes included:

  • An annual broadcast budget increase from 2.45% to 12.25%.
  • Knorr named Agency of Record (AOR) by the furniture store.

Annual broadcast
budget increase