Building a winning political media plan with Arsement Media Group

Arsement Media Group
Arsement Media Group used Comscore insights and custom segments to inform media buys for a winning political campaign strategy.

The Scenario

When creating a media plan for John Bel Edwards' 2019 re-election campaign for Louisiana governor, Arsement Media Group looked to Comscore custom insights to optimize media buys by incorporating several markets across the state of Louisiana.

The Solution

Arsement looked for ways to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of ad buys and used Comscore tools to inform their plan.

Number 1

To best reach key voters, Arsement defined unique voter segments critical to the campaign, then tied them to Comscore viewing data and applied them to the highest-rated programs.

Number 2

To maximize budget, Arsement looked for programs that represented the best value price per ad buy. They used Comscore to compare ratings with key segments to Cost per Point (CPP)—and, based on the data, made unique, high-value media buys.

Number 3

Comscore gave Arsement the insights needed to constantly measure and re-evaluate their media plan to ensure ongoing efficiency and success.

The Success

In a tight race decided by fewer than 50,000 votes, Comscore's unique insights helped Arsement Media Group place their money on the media that mattered most, resulting in the successful re-election of John Bel Edwards as Louisiana governor.