Buying efficiently and effectively with InQuest Marketing

InQuest Marketing
InQuest Marketing used Comscore insights to help their local retailer client make the most of a declining budget.

The Scenario

To keep up with the ever-changing media landscape, a local retailer shifted more of its dollars away from broadcast TV to digital advertising. InQuest Marketing showed their client how Comscore StationView Essentials could help deliver more effective and efficient plans, even with a reduced budget.

The Solution

InQuest transitioned to Comscore while rethinking the client’s media plan. They were able to win over the client to the changes based on Comscore’s unique insights.

Number 1

To allocate quarterly budgets, InQuest relied on insights from Comscore’s Report Builder feature to see how stations stacked up with the client’s target audience: W25-49 and households (HHs) with children present.

Number 2

When it came to program-level negotiation and purchase decisions, InQuest used Comscore Stickiness and Series Engagement reports to identify the most efficient buys for their limited-budget client.

Number 3

Comscore gave InQuest better insight into the true value of buy opportunities, so they were able to more effectively negotiate buys for their client.

The Success

InQuest Marketing was able to deliver results for the local retailer, and as a result of transitioning to Comscore data, also gained:

  • More tools to negotiate better rates with stations, saving their clients money
  • Access to a truly massive dataset to ensure accuracy and precision
  • Means to stretch a client's shrinking budget even further with detailed and granular insights that wouldn't be found at a total market-level