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Brittnie Cartwright
Brittnie Cartwright
Client Insights Specialist
CCR Local Reporting helps advertisers gain person-level insights into campaign performance in the U.S. Top 50 + 8 Hispanic Markets​

CCR Local stands alone as a groundbreaking and pioneering solution in the market. We are the first-to-market with a solution to measure cross-platform ad campaigns at the local market level. Are you ready to see what CCR Local can do for you?

The Scenario

The client, a financial institution, wanted to understand the reach of a cross-platform campaign targeting diverse affluent audiences in core markets to build brand awareness

The Solution

Number 1

Campaign Setup

Agency sends Comscore team a copy of their media plan

  • Tags are created and mapped in the UI to begin the measurement process
Number 2

Campaign Activated

Agency runs campaign across digital inventory

Number 3

Performance Measured

Campaign performance is measured based on reach of key targets at the publisher, demographic, and extended demographic levels within each local market

The Results

The agency was able to identify specific publisher partners with a higher propensity to reach these diverse affluent audiences within each market to optimize spend for FY24 campaigns that will target similar markets and audiences.

Publisher 1 had the highest reach at 45% of the primary extended demographic audience in the NY market compared to other partners

Extended Demo Local Reach by Publisher
Source: Comscore Campaign Ratings - Local - Publisher/Network