Comscore’s Reach Frequency

Stephanie Marino
Stephanie Marino
Director, Syndicated Client Insights
Comscore’s Reach Frequency optimizes campaign reach with key audience cohorts. Simulate, analyze, and plan digital campaigns pre-spend.​

The Scenario

An agency is running a digital campaign on Publisher B targeting those who have visited Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in the last 30 days. The agency wants to understand how much more reach running their campaign with Publisher A will add to the media plan, as opposed to running with Publisher B alone.

Comscore's Solution

Comscore’s digital Plan Metrix Reach Frequency solution allows media planners to simulate campaigns against complex audiences prior to spending any of their budget using components of their media plan:

  • Advanced Audience Targeting
  • Media & Platform Choices
  • Impression Volumes
  • Campaign Duration
  • CPM
  • Frequency Caps

The Results

Partnering with both Publisher A and Publisher B maximizes reach with a key audience cohort

A campaign with running on both Publisher A & Publisher B targeted to audiences who have visited QSRs in the last 30 days will achieve 27% more reach than a campaign running on Publisher B alone, leading to a much higher chance of conversion.

Plan Metrix Reach Frequency