Plan Metrix helps leverage targeted advanced audience data

Naomi Jia
Naomi Jia
Senior Success Specialist
PMX Advanced Audience Data helps Publisher Establish SEO Plan and Improve Organic Engagement ​

Would you like to understand how Comscore’s Plan Metrix can identify key advanced targets and how clients can utilize this data to drive engagement with their sites?

The Scenario

The client, a used auto marketplace company, was looking to drive engagement against competitors through unpaid or organic means during a period of financial constraint.

The Solution

Comscore leveraged our cross-platform Plan Metrix product to help the client select which particular make of used car should be displayed on initial search pages to improve duration engagement levels on the publisher's site as well as through search engine results.​

Number 1

Report Setup

  • Utilize contextual targeting based on advanced behavioral interests and purchasing decisions within reporting.
Number 2

Analyze Audience Landscape

  • Identify high drivers of engagement by analyzing how advanced audiences are engaging with different brands, sites, and industries.
  • Understanding the interests, goals, and purchasing decisions of the target audience.
Number 3

Execute Strategy

  • Based on analytics provided within Plan Metrix, apply targeted strategy using keywords associated with the interests of target consumers to drive SEO organic engagement.

The Results

The publisher was able to identify specific makes of cars to prioritize in their engagement strategy to reach a wider audience of car buyers, resulting in higher UV and duration numbers for them vs. their competitors.​

Audience Engagement: What cars are they looking to buy in the next 6 months?

Based on those looking to buy in the next 6 months, Pickup Trucks, Compact Sedans, and SUV's should be prioritized for SEO engagement to increase unpaid engagement to their site.

Target: Auto-Plan to Buy in the Next 6 Months

Date: September 2023