Pursuit Channel: winning automotive ad placements with Comscore TV and Advanced Audiences™

Pursuit Channel
Pursuit Channel leveraged Comscore TV's national reporting and advanced audiences to secure a major agency’s automotive ad placement on their network.

By using Comscore TV which provides massive-scale measurement of national television programming and Comscore Advanced Audiences, Pursuit was able to provide a dynamic consumer view of their audience which showcased their viewers were a strong target for automotive categories.

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The Scenario

Pursuit Channel, an outdoor enthusiast network learned that a major ad agency was not planning to include them in a nationally ranked mid-sized truck ad buy. Pursuit then reached out to Comscore for help with leveraging Comscore TV data to make the case to be included in the buy.

The agency’s rationale was that buying competing Channel B, which has the larger audience, satisfied their need.

The Solution

To secure a portion of the buy, Pursuit leveraged its subscription to Comscore TV's national reporting and advanced automotive data to demonstrate that:

Number 1

Pursuit will deliver an incremental audience of engaged mid-sized truck buying intenders

Number 2

Pursuit's content is sticky with this audience, and retains audience engagement even during commercials.

Number 3

Pursuit viewers are a strong target for the mid-sized truck category.

The Results

Pursuit demonstrated that it delivers an incremental audience of outdoor enthusiast viewers who have a higher index of intent to buy both new and used pickups/SUVs compared to Channel B viewers. Comscore TV data also shows that the Pursuit viewers do not drop off while watching top telecasts, which signifies that an engaged audiences watches their ads.

Comscore automotive Advanced Audiences data, paired with Comscore TV viewing information won over the major agency, and Pursuit won a part of the ad buy. Additionally, Pursuit demonstrated that its channel delivers a significant level of incremental viewing households. Only 14% of Pursuit viewers also watched Channel B in July 2021.

Intent to buy
Pursuit's viewers demonstrate a higher index of intent to buy new pickups and SUVs compared to Channel B viewers.

TV Audiences - Intent to Buy
TV Audiences - Top Telecasts

Continuous audience engagement
Pursuit’s most watched telecasts in Q3 2021 show continuous audience engagement, which is ideal for any potential advertisers.