Maximizing the value of ad buys with Secret Weapon Media Agency

Secret Weapon Media Agency used Comscore insights to help their local RV dealership client reallocate budget to maximize value.

The Scenario

Secret Weapon Media Agency helped their local RV dealership client reallocate budget after Station A—a historically strong buy—raised their cost per point (CPP) but didn’t increase the value deserved.

The Solution

Secret Weapon reduced Station A’s budget by 30% and reallocated to ensure they were delivering their client the best value for their spend.

Secret Weapon used Comscore Ranker and Trender reports to determine which stations and programming delivered the most value for the client, and allocated budget accordingly. 

Number 2

Secret Weapon explained the change to Station A and gave them the opportunity to regain share if it aligned with the client’s goal of most value for the money spent.

Number 3

Station A agreed to keep rates as low as possible to meet the client’s goal without getting units bumped. They also proposed a point bank that would be evaluated each month for delivery goals, providing better value-added to the RV dealership client.

The Success

With the point bank solution proposed by Station A, Secret Weapon reallocated spend for the following year to achieve maximum campaign impact.

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