- August 15, 2008

Euro2008 Sends Flood of Traffic to UEFA.com (Union of European Football Associations’ site) - and the U.S. gets more excited than anyone…

Regular visitors to this particular stretch of the blogosphere may remember my first ever Comscore post, which charted the influx in traffic to MLS.com following the signing of David Beckham to the LA Galaxy…

A year on and online interest in the MLS remains strong, and I am pleased to say that the league became a Comscore Media Metrix client in June 2008, in a month that saw the site rack up 394,000 U.S. and a total of 500,000 worldwide visitors.

Indeed, whether you want to attribute it directly to “the Beckham factor” or not (I, of course, am inclined to do so), U.S. interest in soccer is undoubtedly picking up, as this recent analysis of traffic to UEFA.com – the official website of the Union of European Football Associations and the tournament’s organizing body - during Euro2008 shows.

Total Unique Visitors (000)* to Uefa.com
Age 15+, Home & Work Locations
May – June 2008
Source: Comscore World Metrix
Country May-08 Jun-08 % Change
Europe 3,458 9,102 163
Outside Europe 2,639 8,536 223
United States 274 1,032 277
Italy 213 751 253
Austria 61 200 226
Germany 604 1893 214
Switzerland 105 314 198
Netherlands 159 443 178
Portugal 77 208 171
Belgium 73 197 170
Spain 135 326 141
Norway 18 44 140
France 275 627 128
United Kingdom 697 1383 98
Ireland 30 52 75
Sweden 48 82 69
Denmark 37 57 55
Russian Federation 267 367 37
Finland N/A 78 N/A

* Excludes traffic from public computers such as Internet cafes or access from mobile phones or PDAs.**Rankings based on the 16 individually reportable European countries in Comscore World Metrix, + U.S. Total European Internet audience figures are comprehensive and include visitation from countries that are not individually reportable.

European traffic to UEFA.com grew 163 percent in June 2008 (Euro2008 was played between June 7 and June 29) to reach over 9 million unique visitors. Outside of Europe, the tournament also generated great interest online, with unique visitor numbers increasing 223 percent to 8.5 million.

However the most fascinating finding is that during the month in which the tournament was played, U.S. traffic to UEFA.com increased more dramatically than any of the European countries analysed (277 percent), growing at a faster month on month rate than World Cup winners Italy (253) percent, and tournament hosts Austria (226 percent) and Switzerland (198 percent). This highlights the increasing popularity of the sport in the U.S.If the sky was crying when Bex left the U.K., it is certainly looking rosier over U.S. soccer fields these days…

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