- January 27, 2014

Succeeding in a World of Viewable Impression Measurement & Audience Guarantees

Few industries have seen the level of disruption and high velocity of change that the digital ad industry has experienced in recent years. With the shift toward in-target and viewable impression measurement, this industry has been turned upside down in what seems like an instant.

The resources below have been developed specifically to help media buyers and sellers navigate the change, prepare for the future and come out on top.

Media Buyer Resources

Media Seller Resources

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Comscore solutions for Media Buyers & Sellers

Comscore validated Campaign Essentials™ (vCE®) is a holistic ad and audience delivery validation solution that provides deep campaign insights, in-flight reporting and daily alerting.

  • Used by media buyers and sellers
  • Enables in-flight campaign management and optimization
  • Evaluates audience delivery, viewability, brand safety, geographic delivery, engagement and non-human traffic
  • Reports data by publisher, placement and creative
  • Enables increased campaign effectiveness and decreased waste

Comscore validated Media Essentials™ (vME™) is a comprehensive measurement solution that evaluates ad inventory across a site or network of sites for strategic pricing and packaging.

  • Used exclusively by media sellers
  • Measures ad inventory across a site or network of sites
  • Evaluates audience, viewability, engagement, geographic delivery and non-human
  • Reports data by ad slot, site section and creative size
  • Enables increased revenue by maximizing high-value inventory

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