- June 18, 2014

Telecoms.com Interview with Brian Jurutka

Brian Jurutka, Senior Vice President, Telecoms at Comscore, spoke to Telecoms.com at TM Forum Live! about Comscore’s role in helping companies understand and monetize digital consumer relationships. Specific to mobile operators, he believes one of their biggest challenges lies in competing with OTT players in an environment where operator’s activities are more heavily regulated than the OTT companies with which they are competing.

Additionally, Jurutka discussed how operators can extract the most value out of their data so they can differentiate their services and compete with OTT players and CSPs on a global scale.

Some of the other topics discussed include:

  • Greatest challenges facing the industry today
  • Opportunities for big data
  • Evolution of industry trends from 2013 to now
  • Key developments in the market for 2014

Watch the full Telecoms.com TV interview to learn how Comscore helps mobile operators capture value from subscriber big data.

This video was originally published on Telecoms.com on 6/11/2014.

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