- May 26, 2010

Comscore Announces Media Metrix 360 Measurement Platform Now Open + New Program for Start-Ups

Today Comscore made two very important announcements at the TechCrunch Disrupt Conference in NY that we are extremely excited to share with the industry

  1. Tagging with Comscore for Media Metrix 360 is now FREE for all publishers
    • Any publisher can now participate in Media Metrix 360 measurement with no implementation fee for tagging.
    • The program is in beta in the US beginning today and will launch globally later in the summer.
  2. Special advantages for start-ups under the new “Start-Up, Step-Up” program
    • Any site can tag for free
    • If a site has less than 1 million monthly unique visitors, it gets FREE access to basic reporting metrics via the Comscore Dashboard
    • As a site grows beyond 1 million monthly visitors, those who want to maintain access to basic reporting will graduate to a subscription rate of $799 per month.
    • Sites can also choose not to graduate to this subscription level, in which case they will be able to maintain their tags and still be reported under Media Metrix 360 but will no longer get access to reporting.
    • For those start-ups with less than 2 million monthly unique visitors interested in a full Media Metrix single category subscription, they can do so at a reduced rate.

We believe that opening our platform and providing additional benefits to the start-up community will go a long way towards helping those in our industry fully demonstrate their value to advertisers and investors. We hope you’re as excited to participate as we are to make this announcement.

We look forward to measuring your success! Participation during the beta period requires a registration code, which may be obtained by emailing directbeta@comscore.com. Once you have your code, register by visiting http://beta.comscoredirect.com.This offer available for websites only and does not include video sites, ad networks, extended web content or ad campaigns.

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