- October 16, 2008

Comscore: The World's Fastest Growing Market Research Firm

Last month, as part of their 12th annual report on growth rates of the world’s largest market research firms, Inside Research recognized Comscore as the fastest growing global market research firm over the last five years. We at Comscore are proud of this recognition and have our clients and my fellow employees to thank for helping us achieve this record growth. Over 1,100 companies are drawing value from the market intelligence that we provide. Their need to stay on top of the ever-changing digital landscape is the fuel for our exceptional growth.

I would also like to thank each member of the Comscore team for their hard work. Your brainpower, effort and dedication have made Comscore the acknowledged industry leader that it is today. I am proud of the company that we have become and look forward to furthering our track record of cutting-edge innovation.

Finally, I’d like to thank both Jack Honomichl and Larry Gold at Inside Research. Their coverage of the market research industry is highly respected and we sincerely appreciate the recognition.

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