Actively Seeking Purpose with Steven Cragle

Featuring: Steven Cragle, CMO and CCO UnitedHealthcare Global

In this episode of Shareablee's CMO Pulse, Steven Cragle, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, UnitedHealthcare Global at UnitedHealth Group talks about his unique "anthropological" approach to marketing, and what that means for how he's been thinking of marketing as a whole particularly during the pandemic. 

As consumer attention becomes even more fragmented, Cragle talks in particular about how important it is for marketers to remember that each person has so many identities, and that only focusing on those aspects of a consumer that matter to a brand in order to sell to them will leave a campaign drastically short.

Also, Cragle addresses other important topics such as how he finds purpose in his professional career (and how "purpose" needs to be treated more like a moving target that must be pursued actively rather than a passive destination), as well as the interesting challenge of bringing data to the heart of the creative process.

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