February 1, 2012

Facebook Shows Strong Growth Over Past Five Years

Kate Dreyer
Director, Corporate Communications
Facebook’s reach amongst the total internet audience has continued to increase over the past five years across all regions. Globally, Facebook reached 12 percent of the internet audience in December 2007 and as of December 2011 the social network reached over half of the internet audience, 55 percent (43 percentage point rise). As of December 2011, the region where Facebook has the highest penetration was Latin America with 84.1 percent of the total internet audience going on Facebook compared to 6.4 percent in December 2007. Facebook’s reach was the lowest in Asia Pacific, reaching 25.3 percent of the internet audience in December 2011, but some of the fastest growing markets are in this region.

With Facebook’s reach increasing across all regions over the past year, it shows that while Facebook already reaches over half of the total internet audience worldwide, its audience is still increasing.

Facebook's Penetration Total Internet Audience

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