- July 21, 2009

Creative Advertising Insights from Comscore Ad Metrix

Speaker: John Triggs

How much do you really know about your client's competitors and their online display strategy? As an agency, it's your job to know exactly what your client's competitors are up to. Standard ad metrics just can't tell the whole story. To be effective, and truly add value for your clients, you need insight into their competitors campaigns – the advertising creative used, the placement, timing and overall reach.

Comscore's display advertising expert, John Triggs, surveys the ways in which sophisticated agencies analyze the competitive landscape. Using industry case studies, John shows you how to:

  • Understand where the competitors are advertising and with whom they're advertising
  • Optimize advertising placement strategies by understanding ad clutter, demographics and GRP metrics on specific sites
  • Gain insight into the actual display ads and creative messages used in competitor's campaigns down to the product level